Some Things Help

this is my 2nd post about my husband's snoring.   in my first post, i was worried because i was going to Hawaii with my husband, and didn't know what to do about his snoring.  i found a way to deal with it, and my Hawaiian vacation went smoothly!  unfortunately,  my solution (i'll get to that) still isn't enough.  he growls like a bear, meows, barks, hums, and whistles.   one of his most frequent noise is when he says in a soprano voice, "whoooo...", like an owl.sometimes, he inhales deeply, and blows it out , taking as long as he can.  it usually sounds like a plane crashing, with engines getting louder and louder, and ends with "ahhhh...".  how can anyone's lungs hold so much air?  he ought to be an opera singer.  the squeaks he makes annoy me as much as anything.  i hate the lip smacking, and the "pooh" noise when he exhales.  sometimes he holds his breath, and i feel his muscles tighten a little, and he passes gas really loud.  he's still asleep when he does it, then he smacks his lips.  my husband is a good, decent man who loves me.  i'm glad he's alive, and i get to hold him, and he holds me.  but i had to do something about the snoring, because there was nowhere to go to get away from it.

i tried various ear plugs, but i have itty-bitty ear holes, and i i difficult keeping the plugs from falling out.  plus, they hurt!  my ear holes were just too small.  the red, gummy looking plugs don't go into your ear hole.  instead, they just plug up the outside.  it's safe, but it didn't block any noise at all.  i tried wet toilet paper.  my daughter said or works.  she just wet it, wrung the water out, and made a wick.  then, she stuffed it into her ears.  as it dried and  expanded.  i tried it, and it itched me to death, and i still couldn't stuff it into my ear holes.  i was afraid they would tear and be stuck in my ears.  after that, i figured it out!  hooray!  see if this works for you.  i use the same yellow spongy ear plugs that hurt my ears.  i cut them in half lengthwise, and they go into my ears without pain.  they do a good job blocking noise, but i needed more, because my husband is so loud.  i put on some earphones, the kind people wear on airplanes to shut out the noise, play music, create white sound, whatever.  i put it on white noise, and wear them over my ears after i put the plus in.  100% of the noise is not gone, but it's far more tolerable.  at least, it doesn't rattle you with every breath he takes.  sometimes, if i'm not tired, his snoring still annoys me, even with all that stuff.  those are times that i can't help concentrating on the noise.  if i'm really tired, i can go to sleep even with the snoring, because it doesn't annoy me so much.  the only downside i can think of is you have to lie on your back and keep your head still, or you'll accidentally bump your earphones and knock them off.  also, the earphones are expensive.  there's no point in buying the cheap, uncomfortable kinds that don't block at least 80% of the noise.

i love sleeping with my husband.  it's personal and intimate to just touch him while he's asleep, and not resent the torture of a snoring husband.   we're able to be loving in the way that only married people can be.

i'm so glad i figured this out.  i would encourage anyone who sleeps with a snoring spouse to consider this before heading into another room.  if you try it, and it works, i'll be curious to read how you feel.  if it doesn't work for you, i want to read that too.

good luck!


robyn robyn
51-55, F
Aug 16, 2008