My Husband Has Cheated On Me....again

A few weeks ago I was sitting at my kitchen table with my son when I received a call from a man asking me to tell my husband to stay away from his wife. My husband had gone on line with the sole purpose of meeting someone for sex. He says he loves me and only wants to be with me but he is a sex addict and couldn't help it, Three years ago I had a feeling he was up to something and made him open his email up to me. I found pictures of him with another women. My world fell apart, he truly was the only person in the world I thought would never hurt me. I have children and worry about being able to provide for them if I leave. Three years ago he said it was a mistake, he was very sorry, hated to see how much I hurt and said it would never happen again. I was just starting to feel comfortable around him again, and started to believe in myself again when I received the phone call. Now I don't know what to do. I can't see starting over again. I am comfortable with my life style, but know that is not really a reason to stay. I don't think I would ever meet someone new, but am I robbing myself of the chance by staying..... I know I can never trust my husband again.....But do I really want to be alone....
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Oh sister, I know your pain in being in a relationship with a sex addict. S-Anon is helping me...little by little...

Sometimes you have to decide which is harder "staying" and quite likely reliving similar situations again & again or "leaving" and starting again yes hard at first but eventually you make a new life and find things are much easier and healthier for YOU ! good luck Lovely :)

every man i have been involed with has cheated on me ..... in some way, form or fashion

I know how you feel. I don\'t think men are capable of monogamy

I have also been there, and am going through the same right now, he is a serial cheater, I really want to leave but also love my lifestyle, and am not sure of how to go about things. He cheated on me three years ago, and i think he is at it again. Just when i was sort of starting to trust again...

I know how you feel, but it only took one time for me. Do you deserve to feel that way? You experienced it once, do you want to feel that way again and again? He doesn't deserve you. They have the fun and we suffer! You can find someone that will be faithful to you and you will not be alone.

Been There... I never thought the "once a cheater, always a cheater" slogan was true but then my now ex husband taught me that it is. They always say they are sorry when they are caught but as I learned from counseling, they are really only sorry that they were caught. Good luck to you.