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I've been married for 15 years to my husband who is a drug addict. I love him and wish him well but I don't have the strength to move on with him. His family has stopped communicating with him because of the pain he's put them through. We have a 15 year old son together and he is aware of his dad's problem. We're basically the only ones left that's dealing with him. I'm so tired of living this dark life with him. He's addicted to coke, crack and pain pills. He's in denial and will not seek professional help. I've been very supportive in trying to help him fight this disease but he's not willing to help himself. I know I have to leave this situation because it's not healthy for my son or myself. I'm a very blessed person and love to help people but I can't continue to waste anymore years with him. My husband has stopped taking care of himself, family and finances. I have a lot of debt because of his drug addiction and I feel like I'm stuck financially. I pray for him and all the other addicts for this terrible disease. It's very hard to see the person you love hurt themself in front of your eyes. I just wish there are more support groups for the families that are dealing with this. A lot of women are going through the same grief but is scared to open up. I want to reach out and talk to women that are going through the same thing. We can be very supportive to one another. This forum is a great way to start reaching out and a way to find some direction. I appreciate any thoughts on this. Thank you and God Bless.
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I can relate. I want out but feel traped because of financials. I have 3 kids under 18.

I wonder where and how you are today? Are you still dealing with it?

Same situation my heart goes out to you, i wouldnt wish the heartache on my worst enemy! God Bless I cant take anymore I Making plans to leave 14 years 4 kids

My husband is in constant denial too.
Question, have you ever left him before??