I seriously f*cking hate sex addiction! It has ruined my life-and my families life! I just beat the crap out of my husband. I didn't even know I had it in me. I left bruises.
I'm not like this. I was in a car accident and I have whiplash really bad and now my spine and neck feels a billion times worse and I'm just really thinking on downing my pain meds and muscle relaxers. I'm f*cking losing it!
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While improving your marriage and helping your husband is important - here is something that might help with your day job!See my Mother post. There are also so many resources in communities and internet that offer ideas and friendships. Seek and you will find. :)

I just now saw this! I'm actually joining mops in dec! My good friend runs it!


Prayer time?

Idk what to do any more! I can't live like this! Idk how to live with out him.

Are you both safe right now and baby safe?

What exactly is happening now. Is everyone calming down? Is he still home? How mad is he?

We are all calm.
We were watching a movie called "thanks for sharing" it's about sex addiction. Well the guy had a fight with his gf and he relapsed after 5 yrs to **** and a prostitute.
I saw red! My husband didn't even do anything. He was just sitting on the couch. I literally jumped on him and started swinging. I punched him in his back, ribs, face, stomach. He just tried to block the hits and then he grabbed my wrists and looked ate with such pain. I bursted right into tears.

The movie literally made me snap! My husband has been with prostitutes and the movie turned out to be a trigger for me.

He got up saying he was leaving to go to a hotel! And I said "NO YOU CANNOT LEAVE ME!"
I went all crazy again.

(Our daughters baptism is tomorrow!)

He sat down and I did too and he told me he doesn't want me to live with him any more-so I said fine! And then he said I've made no effort into fixing our relationship and that I'm always just on "this phone"

And I yelled out "IM SCARED!" I've been dealing with your sex addiction for 2 years!!! I've tried so many times before! I'm scared, angry, hurt, I want to divorce you!

The baby is asleep in her crib.

But we just can never find the umph to leave.

I have to go to sleep
Be on tomorrow or in 2 days! Pray for me for strength.

God give u his strength🙏

Almighty everliving living Father hold your daughter in your arms this night Bless her family. Have mercy and cure her husband & heal the marriage. Let there baby have a happy family and home. In jesus name. Amen

Thank you so much!

I just discovered mine is a sex addict too. He uses craiglist personal ads. He doesn't know that i know and I have no clue what to do

Idk how I just saw this! What ended up happening?
When I found out, I had my husband sit down and I read the Craigslist ads to him. He turned white as a ghost!

He said he never acts on it but likes to see how many responses he will get as a thrill

Do you believe him?

Well, I didn't at first, and I still wonder. But with all of the digging and snooping I did, I actually think he's telling the truth.

He possibly could be but he needs to be carful cause it all begins with just a "thought"

Be careful *


Are you still with your partner?

Yes, it's been a very long, hard almost 3 years!!
But this is his first time getting involved with SLAA and a twelve step program and having a sponsor.

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