My Husband Ashamed Of Me

I have been married for 10yrs and the relationship has been difficult.We have experienced infidelity,but we are still together despite all. My husband is on a social network and I am not. I just found he has no pictures of me on his page and his profile does not say married I asked him why and he said we had a argument awhile ago so he took my pics down.I don't believe him because he has alot of pics of him & kids and his truck and friends and the 1 pic of me my head was cut off!! I am so upset and he don't understand why...Am I overreacting? I am not ugly or anything so why is he ashamed of me?
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The sad truth is that he has low self esteem and craves reassurance that he's attractive to others, so he can't appear attached to you because it may scare off attention from someone else. Chances are he's too weak and needy to break up with you, but may cheat like crazy if he had the chance, walking out completely only if someone "better" seemed to be truly head-over-heels for him. Even then, he's likely destined to fall out of love again and repeat the process (likely running back to you!) no matter how much "better" the new partner or you could ever be. I feel sorry for people like this, and they may be the majority. They don't know how to love themselves, so they can't truly love anyone else either. Of course, we all have a bit of this in us...

My husband is the same way, we have been married for 4 years, one child, not planing on having more. I am thin, n have a bit of a self-consious issue. Anyway, I sometimes feel liek he is ashamed of me, he does introduce me to his co-workers, but when it is about his page, there is no trace of me in there. He has pics of our toodler. Some people know we are married like fam and friends, but he is always adding women he has never met. His marrige status is hidden and thereffore no one can see it. I feel really bad becuase one time i caught him speaking to his ex a very long time ago, of coursei talked to him about it, he has never done it again, but i cannot trust him. I feel like he is ashamed of who he is married to.

Instead of speculating I would just tell him that you want him to place you as his wife on his profile and that you want your pictures up there. Let him know if he does not let others know he is married then they may assume the wrong thing about what he is looking for.

Hmm-I reread this a few times& even went to see your profile!(thought I'd check out your looks)-But NO PICS& you have your adult filter On-Blocking anyone with adult content from adding you to thier circle! <br />
Have to ask--What type of person are you& What "MOTIVATION" do you give for him to be proud of you& want to show you off!<br />
No-one would call my wife a beauty queeen but I love to show her off because of her open mind& the fact that we have become each others "**** Stars"(having fun with life)!<br />
From our exp.--For a good Long term relationship-We've need to spice things up(a little at a time over the yrs.<br />
Having 5 kids& now 5 grandkids now(great kids) we have went through a lot& we still care about each other& have a very active sex life-Allthough--VERY Differant than at your age!

The only thing Constant in life is change--We can make it good change or BAD Change!!!
But the same old same old does not work forever-