He's Been Gone Since March

My husband has been gone since march of this year. We got married in January moved here and now I'm still trying to get use to this military life it is hard too when he's not here to help out any, lol. It was hard because we got married two months before he left but he was in training for a month before he left. He was gone most of Feb. and then he had to work long hours so I didn't really get to see him. He calls when he can but I still feel really alone. I don't know how these wives out here have done this for so long. I have so much respect for them. Well, he comes home in Oct. maybe then he gets a seven month break and then goes back again. Can't wait for October.
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It is hard, but we Military wifes are strong. My husband re-inlisted 2 weeks before our son was born, so we decided that I would stay with family until after his birth. Yeah, didn't work that way, we found out 6 months in advance that he was going to be deployed to Iraq, So we lived 8 hours apart from each other for 7 months only seeing each other once or twice a month. I know exactly how you feel on not being able to see him, it is hard and emotionally draining, but if you love someone , everything works out for the better.

i feel for you. my husand left yesterday. we have been togerther for 7 years and he has been in the air force for 6 of them. we have small children and it is difficult for them also. god bless

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I can totally relate to what you're going through right now. Although I'm a lot older, I too was a military wife. My husband was in the Air Force during the Viet Nam War. He got his draft notice on our wedding day. I was 4 months pregnant with our first child. I didn't know what to expect!<br />
I hope you discover, as I did, the blessings of being a part of the "military family". NO ONE really wants to be a part of it, but somehow, military wives form a bond between each other lasts a lifetime. Why? Well, I think it's because you've been thrown into a situation NOT of your own choosing...Everyone relates to that. You'll find that your military family will be there for you if you allow them to. You will find true and loyal friends. You go through similar hardships, exclusive to anyone else. And you have the gratitude and admiration of the majority of Americans. Seriously! How many women are willing to give up their husbands and totally disrupt their lives for the country? Please know that when you're lonely, you are not alone. Other current and former military wives are thinking of you and thanking you for the sacrifice YOU'RE making. And we're here if you need to talk or if we can help in any other way. Even if you need some help counting down the days to October! <br />