My Bf Can't Wait To Get Me Pregnant & Suck My Breast Milk.

My bf is divorse and has two kids. He said his wife was hot pregnant and they kept ******* the whole time. He said that he wasnt interested into sucking her breast milk when she was pregnant. I guess things have changed.

When we got serious and said oneday we wanted kids he started umm making comments. Alot of times when hes talking dirty to me now he tells me how he wants to get me pregnant and drink my milk like a baby. lol And Im pretty sure hes trying to keep me a lil chubby because it reminds him of it.

I don't know how I feel about this but Im sure Ill let him do it.

Can anyone who likes sucking breast milk explain what you like about it to me please?????

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Im 23W pregnant and i asked my boyfriend what we'd do if i started lactating because he loves sucking on my boobs . He said he drink my milk. Lol. I felt suddenly shy but come to think of it its quite a turn on for me lol. I mean from the fact he doesnt care that im going thru change. And i bet its an awsome feeling. If you can breastfeed yur child y not yur man?

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hey it is totally cool to breast feed your husband. trust me it will work to have a better relationaship too. i love it when my guy sucks my breast while sex. im waiting to feed him too

Tell him he needs to marry u first before having a baby. B smart.

i wasn't so excited about sucking breast milk , until my sister in law asked me to help her full engorged was weird for the first time but now i still sucking her breast regularly,twice a day.

well it arouses me and my sex goes astronomical ...may i point out it has nothing to do with your own mothers milk..that would turn me off big time..some people who don't understand say these things..<br />
but to me i can only suck milk if the the woman has given birth to my child..if it is anothers mans child i cannot get tastes much better and i can make love for a long time.<br />
not everybody likes this..i don't like ******* any woman in the *** hole me **** comes out of *** and i find that disgusting..and of course most womeen don't like it up there ***.<br />
milk from breasts is sweet taste like milk and honey..if man licks a womans *** hes licking the ****..not very tasty horrible.<br />
so when i suck milk not from any woman someone who i love and has my child then i can suck her milk **** is so hard it hurts me most times.

I like the pleasure oe holding the boobs and suckin my wifes big nipples meanwhile i finger her ***** ahh her boobs are big and she likes to get them sucked and bite them lightly

I like the pleasure oe holding the boobs and suckin my wifes big nipples meanwhile i finger her ***** ahh her boobs are big and she likes to get them sucked and bite them lightly

Taking him to your breast without pregnancy is quite enjoyable. Your milk will eventually come in, and your breast are then his alone and do not have to be shared. I adore being a breastfeeding wife. It makes me feel so feminine, sexy and yes, complete. I'm sad we did not start sooner. I'll keep him at my breast as long as he likes. I hope to have milk well into our golden years. Feeding him is the most loving thing I've ever done. I've felt closer to him with this than I ever have in our 15 years of marriage. Good Luck!

It's amazing having your breasts suckled by your husband, you feel so close and loved. They love the flavour and the feeling, its so orgasmic. Not to mention the health benefits!!

I love pregnant and lactating women! Something about the full swollen breasts, the soft, suptle skin, nursing bra, that is so easily accessible to one of the most erogenous zones for a female, the nipples. Then when you suck on them how sweet the milk tastes! Then when you can reach around and fondle them as they are full, hanging there as you are ****ing her from behind, is such an awesome treat. It is awesome to see her squirt milk when she has an ****** as well. I miss pictures and stories and such of women such as this. Email me if you wish to share some at insp1_sla<x> <br />

It is possible to induce lactation whether or not you have been pregnant. Search google for "induced lactation"

my wife and i have 3 kids and i can tell you honestly that i would be willing to have a 4th just for the 6 months to a year or so i get to have breast milk, lol!

I have never tasted lactating breasts before, but for me, there is something about breasts that I never get enough of. It's where I always want to be. It feels like my "safe" place, where everything goes away, and in turn reduces my stress levels. So for me, it's greatly an emotional thing for me. A kind of caring I never remember feeling outside of this physical state of relaxation.

i wish my bf would want the same...

I can be your boyfriend

Talk about nectar of the Goddesses...

sucking boobs are really add a special charms in our sexual life. My bf is too crazy to suck it when we meet. The sweet milk from my browny nipple makes him crazy. He makes me totally nacked while sucking my boobs. Their is no enjoyment of sex if U do not sucked by your bf.

My only hangup was that when my son was nursing, I stayed away. After he was done and in his bed, they were mine to play with and suck on. Never sucked long, just a taste from each one, I was too busy with other areas.....

It's easy, it's free and it tastes sweet. It adds to your sex life if you have no hangups about it.

The real question is what's not to like! The breasts become very large and full and having sex during this time was outstanding. My wife and I had two children 2yrs apart and I wound up with nearly 3yrs of extra pleasure of having those wonderful large lactating breasts. We would have sex two and three times a day while she was lactating (minus a few weeks) and the breast milk made every type of sex incredible. To me the milk tasted like warm cream with sugar added… It was a great time and breasts, milk, and sex were always on my mind not to mention hers. When she'd have an ****** she'd squirt milk uncontrollably and it was a total turn on! My wife increased from 38C to a 42D and while it's been several years we still to this day talk about how great this time was and how we wish we could do it again! Don't rush getting pregnant but when ready enjoy.