He Enjoys Smelling My Panties

My husband does this several times a week. I will get home and usually change into something more comfortable and usually that means changing my panties also depending on how hectic of a day I have had or how turned on I got throughout the day so a clean pair is sometimes necessary. I will usually just toss the panties onto the bathroom floor leaving them there for him to find. I will sometimes let him know there is a fresh pair for him or sometimes I will let him find them on his own. I do enjoy that my husband likes to smell and jerk off with my panties its something that turns me on and sometimes I think about it at work and make my panties extra dirty for him to enjoy. I like to squirm in my chair and rub myself into the panties making sure my scents are covering them nicely, some days I even will push them up between my lips while using the bathroom. I love watching how excited he gets when putting them up to his nose, its not often that he smells them alone as I usually wander in and catch him with my panties either up to his nose or wrapped around himself. Sometimes I just enjoy watching him stroking himself with my dirty panties and other times I like to help out and enjoy rubbing the panties up and down him, making him twitch and squirm before letting him explode all over them. I enjoy seeing him squirt all over my panties and covering them with that sticky white juice, I will usually lick all his *** off my panties. Check out our profile for more about us.
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1 Response May 3, 2011

Try holding them up to his nose while he is inside you.