My Husband Is Sugary Sweet And Then Extremely Venomous

I have been with my husband a couple of years and about every two weeks at work on the night shift he becomes a different person.   Usually he is sugary sweet to me.   But twice a month he sends me hateful evil text messages or yells into my voicemail.   He tells me things that I hope that you die, your son is an moron, his father hates him, he told me I was an ugly ho.   Why would someone be so super nice and then turn on you like that if they say they love you?    I sit at home all day looking for a job, cleaning the house, making myself beautiful, organizing his life and finances, decorating, etc.   Does he resent me?   Is it he likes what I do for him but wants me really to leave so he can be single?    

nikkia1111 nikkia1111
31-35, M
Feb 18, 2010