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ashlynn220 ashlynn220
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 28, 2014

What your ig

insta what now?

Lol Instagram?

is that like a telegram.... sonny! :P

It's like the most popular app lpl

i guess i live in the stone age.. LMAO :D

How old are you lol

mental age or physical?

Lol your birth age

ahh.. 32 or so :D.. and you :D

Or so? Lol

well.. i'll be 33 soon.. sooo :P


I'm a lot younger I'm 18

Or so

I'll be 19 soon... Sooo:p

yeaa. now you know where the "or so" comes in eh!

I was copying you✅✅

i'm so flattered :D

Should be:p haha you really doing know what ig is

no idea.. pray tell


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