Struggling With A Anxiety Disorder Or Just A Bad Phobia

for a few weeks i have been scared to die. i mean everyone is scared of dying but mine is getting so bad i have trouble sleeping and i cant do stuff that i usually do. i am depressed but it is getting better. i cant really tell its there. but maybe its just my anxiety disorder and depression mixing. i dont know im confused. i need help because my anxiety or fear of dying is ruining my life. it has been getting better. well at least today its not as bad as it has been or maybe its just that i slept most of the day and i havent been really thinking about it. all i want to do right now is go to bed but im going to try to stay up tell at least 11 maybe 12. because tomorrow is the last day or winter break. i have to also get my beta club hours. urghh 4 hours of work. is going to kill me. i have to get that finished by the end of the school year and that is in a like 4 or 5 months but hey thats enough time. i will get it finished. im watching nova minecraft ex communicated right now and its not as good as rooster teeth or tobuscus. if you dont know who any of those there people are then they are very popular gamers on youtube. i mean world wide famous. rooster teeth is a company where people get paid to play video games and my favorite person on rooster teeth is gavin. he is a hot British guy. look him up on google type in gavin free rooster teeth. he is hot and geoff Ramsey is cute to i guess if you like guys with tattoos. ray might be a little cute. he is just more funny then cute. i will probably play wizard 101 again today. its a online game and its awesome. i love it. you have to download it maybe if you can you all can download it and play on there with me. my username is moonstar2416. if you can find me on there.
moonstar2415 moonstar2415
18-21, F
Jan 5, 2013