Jealous Of Females

When grandma's dementia was still undiagnosed, you were demeaning to her. You thought she was stupid and derided her infront of us. You liked taking her car, and when she asked for it, you either stretched the truth or lied. You told her I was dating your boyfriend because you don't like me and were embarrassed of him. You often have some lame excuse not to visit them. I always wondered why you weren't exactly bestfriends with your sister. Only a year apart but didn't have the same group of friends in highschool. You once mentioned that she wasn't that bright but diligent. You finally shut up when you ended up being worse off. You hate it when people compare me to her.

I'm not sure what happened to my supposedly stepsister. Everyone were told she was adopted. You often told her she was lucky to be where she was. You made her work much more than the maids--and without pay. You didn't buy her menstrual pads; she used cloth. When the maids stole little things, you didn't mind. When she stole little things, she was punished. I remember seeing her kneeling on salt, and your nails digging into her skin. I've seen her getting beat up by the maids. You kicked her out and tainted her name. Made yourself a saint. 

Favoritism is your favorite game. Just the son and the boyfriends (I saw you "footsy" my brother and my cousin's privates when they were little). You found an excuse to be blatant about your dislike of me when I argued with you because you were bullying me. You kept me in the house to save face--in my room without the means to work and leave the house. No offer to eat when you cooked and when you ate out.

You love to play politics and play victim. You're two-faced and never admit to your mistakes. I'm leaving your story here and out of my head. 

NincomP00P NincomP00P
Sep 10, 2012