Jealousey Gets To The Best And Worst

Okay I used to be friends with this girl that I met in the second half of sixth grade. Later on I introduced her to my best friend. He quickly became friends as well. Anyway the problem started at first in eighth grade when she admitted that she like him. We all acted like nothing happened and nothing else happened. Well last month during our spring break in April my best friend in I were Skypeing after a day at the zoo with his family. That's when he received...the text. It was from that girl. It said I love and have loved u since I first payed my eyes on u and when u r not with me I feel like a peice of me is missing. That made school really awkward we didn't talk as much but he was also afraid of hurting her. When she talked to me later telling me about she told me she thought she was dreaming sun she sent that. Does that sound fishy to you. It does to me. Well nothing really happened untill she asked him through txt if we were dating and if he liked anyone. He simply said no. The next day she blamed her sister for stealing her phone. She was always the compulsive liar. Anyway again their was a calm in this storm untill she joined soccer(which is my best friends FAV sport) and started to in a way stalk us on Skype Again we ignored her untill she started to avoid both of us. Then she started to talk bad about us behind our backs if u call loudly whispering to our classmate that. That got rid of our problem until last week when she wrote him a note saying she loved him again which confirmed my suspicion that she was only mad at me and very jelouse that I hung out around him more even though she knew we are just close friends. So what do u guys think? Any advice? I will accept all tips
Quinn1313 Quinn1313
18-21, F
May 7, 2012