I work in the healthcare industry. In the past 11 months found out not only was I Hiv + but AIDS. Had to tell my employer to try to save my job. Now I'm being harrassed daily, cannot come to work if I'm 5 minutes late, no matter when I notify my (so called supervisor).

I know I cannot win, they are using my FMLA days every time I'm 5 min late.

When my FMLA days are up they will FIRE me, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

katkathyb8 katkathyb8
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im 21 and i have the same thing i cannot get a going to jail because i was setup now i trust no completly broke and going homeless after jail.

thats terrible. i would sue them anyway before they get the chance to fire you. if you have the money to do that, of course. what a terrible world we live in...

That's standard practice my dear, I'm afraid. They know they'll end up in court if they fire you for having AIDS, so they'll get round it by nitpicking until they can fire you for something else. That's what they do. My daughter was fired for being pregnant, but of course that's not what they said.

This is horrible! Does your job in the healthg care industry expose you to HIV?