A Guitar Instructor And A Club Owner

I work as a private guitar instructor. I usually get 48, 400 won or more from each customer for 7 sessions (1 session each day for 1 hour). And I usually have 15 customers per week. Which means I earn 726, 000 won weekly! And I think that's enough for my brother and I to live. Sometimes I earn less than I usually do but most of the time, I earn as expected or more. I only give lessons in Seoul. I can earn up to 20000000 won or more yearly. Of course I don't work everyday.

I am also an owner of a club somewhere in Seoul. I used the money I earned from guitar instructing for almost 3 years now. My club just opened last December 17, 2010. And I can say that I'm quite successful.

I use the money I earn for my brother to finish school. Since my dad died, I've been in charge of my brother already. I am responsible for his studies and all his expenses. So, I promised my dad in his deathbed that I'll work very hard for my brother's future. It's a good thing I finished studying already before my dad died.
DongMin DongMin
22-25, M
May 3, 2011