Being a Manager Is Not That Happy!

I have a stable job right now, a home based job. Its a very stressful job but im still keeping up with it. Many times i wanted to resign, i have been unhealthy because of the stress i get from my team. I am in my 20's and most of my team members are older than me. Most of the time, i am underestimated, disrespected, ganged up. Different kinds of drama, I have undergone. I know i have a lot to learn, im still young. I feel being a manager is TOO MUCH responsibilities, stressful. I felt I have put into this position without proper training and enough experience but I try to practice different managerial techniques, influenced by my boss. But still i felt being weak inside most of the times. And because some of my team members are older, they talk sometimes like they know better than me. I have been in argument with some. And i got different sickness due to stress.

Im working hard to support myself, coz no one else can. Foster parents have died already. I love my job but i also love myself,i hate the isolation i feel because its a home based job. but im feeling bad to leave my job since it pays well and supports my expenses. i feel there is more out there but i feel afraid to regret. i love my job but i dont like to be manager anymore. :'( im better to work alone. but my boss said i have a good successful future being a manager and hesitant to let me leave my position. 

i plan to do some part time selling. but problem is time, but i will still try to find the road to success wherein i can be happy. i feel i dont want to be stuck to a job that pays well but deep inside i feel stressed out and sick all the time.

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I once worked with elders(as assistants..) and frankly they were not very cooperative at the first time. But they turned out to be really nice people after I considered them as my grand parents and respected so.
I only can briefly imagine about your situation that it won't be easy to cope with all the situations like.. being a manager, dealing with people - especially when they are older. But seems like it is almost necessary for everyone in the job market nowadays, to get used to work with other people <: 3 no matter what their title is. maybe that's why your boss is pushing you?? <: 333

I feel you. Although I am not a manager, but in addition to my basic job, I have a leadership role in a health and safety team in my company (not by choice), and most of my team members are older than me. Most of these play me like a ping pong ball as they dislike each other. Some of them hate me and try to make my job as difficult as possible.

You're welcome for the advice. As for his not being able to rely on anyone to take your place, well, that really is not your problem. Since you have voiced your concerns to him, he as your boss should be at least trying to train someone else, just in case you do decide you have to step down. He as the boss should be taking every precaution he can to make sure his company is ok in situations such as this. I would again mention it to him and tell him you think it would be a wise decision for the company, on his part, to get a back up manager in case, for the sake of the company and if need be for you. Good luck sweetie and let me know if you ever need to talk or if I can help in this situation .

scootergrl: thank you for your word of advice, it is very helpful on how should i approach my boss in the sense that not showing im coward or anything. i already talked to him about it, after a threat ive been thru to a former colleague but he said there shud be a transition and if i want to step down as a manager, i should wait for a little longer, but im afraid that that day wont come :S coz he cant rely to anyone to take over my position.

I too was a manager, and yes it is stressful. You made comments that your boss is hesitant to let you leave your position, honey it is not his choice. If you are getting ill due to stress from your job you need to think about that and act on it accordingly. Tell your boss you would like to step down a bit on your chain of command and still be a positive asset to the company. Explain the stress is hindering the full potential you could be giving the company and that at a less demanding position you could focus more to the company's higher goals. If you feel later you would like to step back up to your current position tell him that is an option you would like to keep open. Let him know you are not leaving the company all together, just asking to be released from your current position until you can figure out what is best for you in the long run. That way you will still have employment to cover your expenses and can focus on your well being health wise. Good luck sweetie, I hope all goes well for you.