I Am Working Right Now - As...

I am working right now - as a temp - but have been offered a formal interview for a permanent position with this company!  I'm very excited about this and have been studying behavioral interview questions with a friend here from EP... my gratitude goes out to him.  He's been great!

I am hoping to get this job because it will be a good way for me to leave my husband and get out on my own with my girls.  Please say a little prayer for me.... my interview is Wed. Nov 14.....Thanks in advance!

Cheleanne Cheleanne
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Congrats! Keep moving forward and wish you all the health and wealth with your journey.


David James Arnold is an awful architect, his work is truly terrible!

David James Arnold is an awful architect, his work is truly terrible!

You said it true Diane... thank-you for reminding me that He is first and foremost... :-)

well praise the lord that ,they even considered you. i hope every thing work ,out for you ,alway's put god the head of you're life ,you can't go wrong he like to be praise, that makes him happy ,you give that glory to him who made it possible ,when good things happen for people they alway's seem to forget who made that possible ,please remember to praise him. diane.

Thank-you KK!!! I do love my job most days but there are times.... haha

Cheleanne:<br />
<br />
thats great that you got your job! <br />
<br />
im also looking for permanent work. <br />
<br />
just on contract right now, but keeping at it.<br />
<br />
its all about being positive and sticking with it.<br />
<br />
congrats to you!!<br />
<br />

Thank-you Quextico!

Thanks Bush!! Love you all!

Good luck to you. I wish you well : )

Oh no! Homeless? I wish I could help you somehow....

Hopefully it'll help, 'cause I'm homeless in 60 days and I've been in a lot of peoples prayers including my own lately.<br />
<br />
Thank you.

I agree - the economy is not what it was - but I am hoping things will get better for you and others in your position. <br />
<br />
I am Canadian - and live in the most prosperous province so it's a little easier here. Our economy isn't the best, but much better than the USA. <br />
<br />
I know that Obama will help get things back on track and that the States will be a booming country again. He HAS to - or the world could be doomed.....<br />
<br />
Good luck USN, I will keep you in my prayers....

I've applied everywhere.<br />
I've applied for painting, receptionist, admin, data entry, floor waxing, cleaner, carpentry, handyman, retail, sales, marketing, management, security, government, Google, Yahoo, hahahaha, it's an absurd joke is what it is. <br />
<br />
I served my country as a US Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator and was discharged unjustly short of benefits or my service meaning anything in the business world and I fill out applications and send resum├ęs 12 hours per day on top of having a part-time job with Jewel, for the past 5 months.<br />
<br />
I laugh when I notice I've clicked on the same places for the fifth time. Craigslist, CareerBuilder, MetroChicagoJobs, Monster and more - I annihilate their ads every day. It's absolutely insane.

Thank you for your service.
You are not alone. I counted 148 resumes sent out since FEB 2, 2016. I have used the same ones you mentioned and much more. I have MBA and it doesn't mean ****. I have worked with staffing agencies and now back with 2 and still no results. Good luck to you.

Thank-you Empress! This job is more than I could ever wished for!

I'm so happy for you!

I wish you all the luck in the world Writes... I hope all your wishes and dreams come true!<br />
<br />
ALL OF YOU!!! <br />
<br />
You all have been there for me in the past, and please know that I am here for you as well!

I'm so happy to hear that. Maybe you can send ME some luck now! :P

Actually Writes, it has indeed been a journey! I have FINALLY landed the job with my dream company and am extremely happy!<br />
<br />
I have been there over a year, 4 months as a temp, then I got on with a 1 year contract, which allowed me benefits, and just recently, Oct 1, I got on permanent!<br />
<br />
I'm so happy and grateful for the opportunity of this position. <br />
<br />
I now have a great job, amazing pay, awesome benefits, and a terrific team of people to work with! So, in the end, yes, everything has gone well... :-)<br />
<br />
Thank-you for all your comments and prayers! See? It all works!

You sound ambitious, independent and I hope everything has gone well for you in the end.

Aww thank-you so much tapyor.... very nice of you to offer.... :-)

Sorry you didn't get the job, and in my time I'm getting ready for retirement, my job will be opened.

Thank-you Marji...

Thank-you all!!! I am a little down about it, but I will bounce back... I am always looking for work and just want a place to be happy - do my job - do it well - and get paid well for a job well done.... it's all I am asking for yet, it seems to elude me continuously.....

There is a reason for everything. This situation prepared you for what is about to happen! Your world is getting ready for a big change, just you wait!

It didn't Public.... I had the interview - aced it really - thanks to Mr. Optimistic. He helped me nightly studying for the behavioral questions.... and it really did help!<br />
<br />
However, due to politics, and a 20 year old, who had a nameplate from the start, I didn't get the job....<br />
<br />
I will post a story regarding the whole issue....... so watch for it....

How did the interview go?