Three Wishes

A poor little old lonely lady lived in a house with only her cat for
company. She was unable to pay her latest electric bill so her lights
suddenly went out while she was knitting.

She went up to her attic and found an old oil lamp. As she was rubbing
it clean, a genie suddenly appeared and said she could have three

"Well, first, I want to be so rich, that I never have to worry about
money again."

"Second, I want to be young and beautiful again."

"And last, I want you to change my little cat into a handsome prince."

There was a small explosion and a huge puff of smoke filled the attic.

As the smoke cleared, she saw she was surrounded by big bags of coins,
and that looking in the mirror, she also saw a beautiful young woman.

She turned as the handsome prince walked in the door, held her in his
arms, and said. . .

"Now I"ll bet you're sorry you took me to the vet for that little
operation, huh?"

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6 Responses May 27, 2009

LOL LOL LOL LOL That would be my luck too!!

Sounds about right with wishes!!!



class lmfao!!

lol, thats hilarious....=P