Small Keepsakes

i have lots of keepsakes from friends and family..
i have moved around a lot ..and it sometimes amazes me
that i havent lost these things in the process..
i have a written prayer given to me from a long gone friend from portugal.
last seen going on his travels to find work in London..
i feel i will not cross his and his friends path again.. i miss them..
i have a small somewot scratched photo of someone i loved and have many happy
shared memories.. again same fate..
A hand made bracelet .. given to me from my friend from Peru..
last seen working in italy...
A paper print out from a machine in Greece ( fortune telling ) its in greek lol!
cant read a word of it myself.... again given to me by my greek friend..
yes i kept it !
i have lots more little bits and peices kept in my room..
all memories to remind me who i am and where i am in this life..
i really miss these friends.. but i hope to find more special people
as my life adventure continues..
starlitz starlitz
41-45, F
1 Response Sep 15, 2011

The adventure often starts with a small ob<x>ject come by far or a small present given by a friend. We don't know what tomorrow will give us like pleasure or surprise.<br />
To preserve this kind of ob<x>jects prolongs the pleasure of the souvenir or makes it possible to imagine a new escape.

it is sad these people are lost to me now..for wotever reason..
i miss them in my life...
this is all before our internet days of course !
thanxs the internet :-) oh an you juliegirl :-)