Sharing Something Happy Now!

Last night, my mother came home from my grandmother's old home. Both my grandparents have passed away... my grandfather two years ago and my grandmother a year ago, from cancer. I was not particular close with my grandmother, yet she is family and I still love her. But my grandfather, I missed him so much. Both grandparents visit my dreams, from time to time, just checking on me! And my grandfather the most. :-)

Anyhoo, last night, my mother gave me my grandfathers old lighter. He was never a smoker, so I'm guessing that he kept it for his love of the wilderness. He was a US Marine and knew all about surviving in the woods! He would often take troubled boys and their families into the woods and show them how to survive and teach them the value of being men. He was always caring in this way and always looking out for others! :-D

Well, this lighter is very old and doesn't work, but I keep it as it reminds me so much of him. I am looking at it now, sitting on my nightstand, as I type this. Heehee! :-D

The odd thing is... last night, I had a dream of him. He asked me to not lose his lighter! lol. And I assured him, "I won't grandpa! I promise to take care of it!" That was an odd dream, but an enjoyable one. :-)

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2 Responses Aug 20, 2009

Wow i wish i had something of him, i mostly have pictures, and memories.....<br />
<br />
you both are l ucky!

That's so awesome....I have my grandpa's hat hanging on my wall and I treasure it. I miss my grandpa, but having that piece of him with me makes me feel happy. Great story!!!