Ok Here Goes Nothing

I had this friend. she had the same name as me. Which made things confusing at times. i loved her (in a way only a best'est ever friend could understand.) then she did some very bad things and now i cannot talk to her.  So i haven't talked to her in over a year and every time i think about her i almost cry. The other day i was digging threw a box of random things and found a shirt she had given me. i never wore it because it was the wrong size. For some bazaar reason that i really don't understand i smelled it. WELL that was a BIG mistake. It still smelled like here. i Did cry. now that soft red shirt is folded carefully and put away. i hope it disappears, but if it does i think that it would be worse. its all i have left of her Sept the pictures, the dreams, and of course the memories. Come back soon R-1!

Feb 4, 2010