Priceless Heirlooms

My mom would always be wearing specific pieces of jewelry at all times.  Her wedding band, a gold bracelet, and 2 gold chains with one of them having a seahorse pendant my dad had given her for Christmas a few years ago.  They stayed on her until after she had quietly passed away at home after a long battle with cancer.  The hospice nurse removed her jewelry and handed them to me.  As I went to give them to my dad, he took her wedding band but told me to keep the rest.  I put on her bracelet and 2 gold chains (one with the pendant) on and haven't taken them off since.  Sometimes it feels as if she is with me when I see them on me. 

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I understand completely. My mom passed away from cancer as well and the one thing I refused to give up was her jewelry.<br />
My skin is insanely sensitive, so I can't wear the jewelry that frequently or I will break out in a rash, but I wear my mothers necklace as often as I can, especially for any major event that I can't do without her. It is always at least with me somewhere because I feel like a piece of her is with me as well.