Early Morning Shuffle

The little man's bus comes at 7:13 every morning.  The bus stop is just three houses down, we appreciate that.  Our visual que to leave each morning is Mrs. W. and her daughter, Sarah.  They live two houses up.  Every morning we see Sarah doing a walk/run trip to the bus and her mother trying desperately to keep up.  No other parent feels the need to make this 100 ft. walk each day.  But Mrs. W  is certain that predators are waiting to ****** her children every moment, of every day.   She takes her 15 and 18 yr. old kids to the bus every day , as well. 

I asked my son,  "Why do you think Sarah's mom walks her to and from the bus everyday?"


"I think she is afraid Sarah is going to hit by the school bus.  But eventually,  they are probably both going to get run over by the bus."

Lilt Lilt
20 Responses May 3, 2010

I used to wait with my heart in my throat, sweaty palms, and rising nausea for my 2 boys when they used to come home from school alone. The area we lived in then had a "central park" visible from every angle, with a bicycle path for the school children. Every lane ended at the park, so children never had to cross a road. There were also moms stationed along the route to make sure the little ones were safe and not being bullied or "stolen" It still got to me though!

Well, we missed the bus this morning. The guy is trying to grow his hair longer and refuses a haircut. It's a real mess, so he spends waaaaay too much time trying to style it. By "style," I mean he completely soaks his head with water, then tries to slick the thick mop as closely to his head as possible. It really is a sight.

Gem thanks for sharing Lilt ........

Hahaha I think the little man needs an agent! :)

Mavvy, you have a very important job as big brother ! There is a 13 year difference between our youngest and his brothers. They have made just wonderful mentors for him, as well as teased him like a good brother should :-)<br />
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I fully expect a major rebellion on the part of Mrs. W's children. Yikes!

hehe...AnneBurke you are the reason Mrs. W has never, ever, left her children with a sitter.

LOL. This kid cracks me up! He's so smart and keeps ALL OF US on our toes with his actions and words!

I am wishinh sara dead

kctiger, that is cute. It reminded me of another funny story...<br />
The little man was hanging out in the bathroom with me, while I was primping. I had found a small bug earlier and tossed it in the toilet. I saw him go over and look at it, but he didn't say anything. Later, as we were driving in the car, he said sympathetically <br />
"So, bugs come out of your butt, Mommy?"

My grand daughter, that is 3, looked at a picture of herself when she was a baby and she said, " And I was a boy?"


I love kid logic.

i am with ms. W and the daughter but the 15 and especially the 18 year old can do it by themselves

Haha I love your stories

"Fear" is not a good place to live, Des.

It's good exercise, Des... ;)<br />
<br />
Sorry... make that a "groovy" exercise...

Really they don't... and Sarah may be doing her marathon for a long period of time.<br />
<br />
It's good practice for any predators though...<br />
<br />
Just sayin'...

Poor thing....don't these parents get it???

Haha... love your little man. And the younger they are, the wiser they are to make remarkable comments.<br />
<br />
But we all know why Sarah is doing her walk/run-thing, no?

Who needs predators when you have rogue school busses?