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Lessons Learned

~~~I'm not cheap.  I'm sensible.~~~

As my children grow into productive citizens of the world,  I see some of that sensibility peeking around corners.   My twin sons have lived in the dorms for the past three years.  It's been fun watching them figure stuff out.  Like how to feed an unsatiable appetite and palate.  Let me stop here and of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is the love of good food and HOW TO COOK IT.   Lots of these college kids live on a diet of food from the gas station.  How gross is that?   But eating well on a college budget is hard.  Twin Two bought a bag of flour and a dozen eggs,  for making his own pasta.  "I did the math, Mom, this is much cheaper.  Those boxes of pasta cost $1 !"

Anyway,  this week I heard the ultimate plan of sensibility...

"My iMac is all beat up.  I really need a new computer,  but they are so expensive.   I'm just going to build my own."

The parts he ordered were delivered yesterday.
Free shipping too.

Lilt Lilt 46-50 51 Responses Jun 3, 2010

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Tulick and I have agreed to disagree, just like we always do.<br />
<br />
I'm so happy to see you, UC. <br />
I know the road has been rough, but you have been missed very much.

This story is wonderful. All of us moms hope our kids can be as independent, self reliant and budget conscious as your kid ( not too mention creative)<br />
<br />
Keep up the good work and kudos to your son !!

I don't understand people like this ... dunno what to say!! But look from whence it came.<br />
Please don't stop sharing your stories, they're so real and funny and heartwarming. X@

That's easier said than done, Des.

Cabbie, Tulick follows all my stories to tell me what a horrible mother I am. <br />
I usually let her comments go on by, but this is getting ridiculous. I know I can block her, but somehow that makes me feel like she's won something. I've never blocked anyone. <br />
I may just kill this story and move on :-(

Sheesh what an insecure, bad-mouthing, unloved, probably it's own fault, unlikeable, downtrodden, interrupting, know-it-all, jealous, poor-lil-ole-me, attention-seeking, helpless, can't do anything for myself - I could go on and on and on and on - pathetic twit!<br />
Should we flag it? Poor lil-ole-me!!<br />

somehow i doubt that <br />
<br />
ALL parents like doinig that you just do it with a touch of a cruel streak

Tulick, you have never been so wrong about anything in your life.

no you just like laughing your butt off attheir mistakes <br />
<br />
looking at their struggles and saying i told you so

Frito, I'm in awe of the adventurous spirit of all kids!

Lilt I'm impressed with your son working on his own electronics but I am in awe that he will make his own pasta, Smaaaarr!

and who said i could't "take it"

If you are going to "dish" it out, you better be able to take it.<br />
Want fries with that?

and no one has to ask streight up what

Sorry Tulick, but this dish is served straight up.

Guess which 2 fingers i'm holding up right now

I even tossed up a Ceasar salad, without poking an eye out.

I know my sons won't be starving for at least a little while. They were over for dinner last night. They each had a 16oz. T-Bone, prepared by Cruella DeMom on the dangerous grill.

oh i can think of a way boiling hot water acidently knocked on self <br />
<br />
and its worth the cnhance of 3rd degree burns to save a few bucks <br />
<br />
i do get it- its you that doesn't get it that its NOT cool its not ok for you to sit back and laught your butt off watching them struggle its cruelty of the first order

I have never heard of anyone causing serious injury to themselves while making noodles.<br />
<br />
My children are struggling to eat, live and function??? <br />
I am implying that everyone should do what my kid is doing???<br />
<br />
As Tulick would say...<br />
"You don't get it."

Faucon my comments about this have no corilation to bathing wether you take a shower or a bath or use soap a rag and a sink you DON"T have to stink <br />
<br />
same is true here you DON"T have to cook it eat well and not spend a fortune (mircrowaves anyone) <br />
<br />
and you DON"T have to take a chance of causing sirious injury to self to have pasta or any other food and its not worth the chance <br />
<br />
but "the anger" is more about her braging about sitting back watching her college kids struggle to eat live and fuction <br />
<br />
"the anger" is more about her bragging that she has raised a cheepscate kid who apparently doesn't know when he should spend money who is petrified to do so <br />
<br />
and what happens when building the computer doesn't work and he's out the money he spent on parts and still has to buy a PC <br />
<br />
oh and the implied idea that we should all do what her kid is doing in this story notice she never did answer my question how a bag of flower, and a dozen eggs is cheaper than a $1 containor of posta make me smile, b.<br />
<br />
I agree with you, Des, being a food journalist would be great fun. I would also love to be a judge on Top Chef!

guys<br />
<br />
I don't have a problem with the lady. nothing she writes can irritate me.<br />
<br />
<br />
hahaha<br />
<br />
So, now she cannot **** in my sandbox.<br />
<br />
soooo easy and sooooooooooo very peaceful.<br />
<br />
love<br />

Well, that's why you are a stand-up guy.

Glowy, we make "half-sours" with a simple mix of vinegar, salt, water, and garlic. It's sooo easy.<br />
<br />
Sametoyou, putting the whole world down would take a long time, eh?

*bl<x>inks at the anger*<br />
<br />
*tries to spread some sunshine*<br />
<br />
Moving on..<br />
<br />
Lilt - that's really cool!! Mr Glow has also been building computers for a while now. He has a side business doing that for other people too. He has finally given up the fight on our ten year old Dell desktop though...We're getting the new bits to make Hal9000 or something, I think. I just leave him to it...<br />
<br />
I love reading about you guys and your older kids..hope I can do as well with mine. The Little Bird loves to cook. He's six now, and I'm starting to let him help me make dinner at night. I think it will be a great asset if they can cook. Goodness knows that I've always been impressed with a man who knows his way around a kitchen. <br />
<br />
And.<br />
<br />
I have never made pasta. Unless you count pierogies. I've always wanted to, but have always been intimidated by the idea. Pickles, now...YUM. I've been ogling the cucumber plants in the garden and my mouth waters. Not much longer!!!

You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, tulick. Maybe you should try making something.<br />
Aside from making people pissed off.

well it must be nice to have that kind of time on your hands- your right about 1 thing though **** vlassic i don't like pickles <br />
<br />
and hey weren't you the one waging war on the F word ???

hahaha<br />
**** Vlassic, I make my own pickles because they taste better.

sensable is not equal to ignoring every modern convience <br />
<br />
sensable is not equal to making your kid such a tight wad he's afraid to spend money <br />
<br />
and as i said some of us will incure the cost before spending 6 weeks in a burn unit trying to make something from scratch that doesn't make us gluutonus consummers or less human