Double Trouble

One of my sons recently got a cool gig,  playing music for a production of "Guys and Dolls."  Four performances,  great pay.  One of these shows was Monday night.  About 3 pm,  he had an  "oh ****!"  moment.  He has a wind ensemble concert that night too!   When you are a music performance major,  your profs expect you to be there.  Period.   With two shows,  just hours away,  he had to think hard and fast.

Lightbulb Moment:   "All my parts for wind ensemble are on the clarinet.  My brother played clarinet in highschool!  I'm gonna call him"

The fun twist here...they are identical twins.

His brother said he would help him out...for $50.  hahahaha!   He got the tux, the clarinet, the cash and went to the show.
No one suspected a thing.  The conductor even congratulated him on a wonderful performance.

My son did confess to his prof the next day.  He said he should very angry,  but the plan was just too brilliant.

That's my boy!

Lilt Lilt
24 Responses Mar 25, 2011

Watersaver, that witty young man is in Rome today! I got to do an early morning Skype with him :-)

Time is running out, my friend. Both have graduated and won't have the opportunity. <br />
Our sax pla<x>yer got a sweet job on an International cruise line. He's going to go blow his horn and see the world. <br />
Our other guy is working in an enzyme lab, doing stuff I don't understand, and saving $$ for med school.<br />
<br />
I'm very proud, but it is all so bittersweet. This momma misses her boys already.

Hehehe. And he confessed to the professor and it all ended happily ever after. An excellent anecdote. Make them do more of this stuff so we can hear about it!

As I mentioned before, Nell, twins don't do as much of this as you would think. <br />
I have identical twin brothers too. Think about it, from birth, people are trying to figure out which one is which. Twins spend most of their life trying to develop a separate identity. The bond between them is very unique, but they cherish their differences.<br />
<br />
But in a jam, do what you gotta do!

How often does having an identical twin come in handy?

That's a very nice comment, Juan.<br />
Did you notice the "support" came at a price of $50 ?<br />
I guess that's the resourcefulness you speak of. hahahha

Resourcefulness and honesty are fine attributes for a youg man to have. Hard working, and talented aren't all that bad either.<br />
As a mother, it must be a joy to see the one support the other in a time of need.<br />
<br />
Your pride is well justified.

Juan, he's been studying with this guy for 4 years. They are pretty tight.<br />
He's an honest kid !

That's a great story!<br />
Why did he bother to tell the prof?

I am very proud, Ladee.<br />
And I'll be even prouder when they get my deck stained.

Thank you, Phoenix, but I feel that Mother Nature does all the work. <br />
I'm just looking around.

I have quite a few garden shots in my EP album, ladee. Even a water drop!<br />
I'm due to add some new ones, it's been awhile.

Did you take the photo, Ladee? I take a lot of pictures of water drops and stuff like that.<br />
I love how that red petal is curved. Beautiful.

Me too, UC, for sure!

O my goodness, Ladee! That avatar of yours looks so interesting, but hard for me to see.<br />
It kind of looks like a little bitty turtle on a leaf. Or a bug?

hehe...I think they are busy giving themselves high-fives for pulling it off, Dottie!

Allergic, my husband and I wonder everyday how we ended up with such smart kids.<br />

I just read the story to my husband. Brilliant.

I get kick out of the brotherly love.<br />
"Sure I'll help you out...for 50 bucks."

Wonderful Lilt! *grin*

Des, I can't make this stuff up. Brother had not played in 4 years, yet, sat in effortlessly.<br />
<br />
Parents! Educate your children in the arts. It does make them smarter.

They say music makes you smarter!

You would think identical twins would do a lot of this. But they don't.<br />
I have twin brothers, as well. Twins are too busy trying to establish their own, separate identity.

Excellent! Twin power!