A Sign Of The Times

My son and I get up really early to catch the school bus.  On a recent morning,  we were discussing an upcoming assignment.  He was to write five poems,  one for each of the five senses.  Okay.

1. Seeing
2. Hearing
3. Tasting
4. Smelling
5.  ???

Geez,  what's the 5th one??  Why can't we think of it?  Granted,  it is 6:35 am.  
"Mom,  it will only take a second to Goggle it."

No way!   This is really bugging me now.  Why am I having this mental block?   Grrrrrrrrr.   Time for the bus.  As the little man is walking out the door,  he says with a smile...

" I got it.  TROLLING!"
Lilt Lilt
12 Responses Apr 28, 2011

I love my funny friends!

lols all 'round.

Phoenix, you got that right!

You forgot you were getting married today, Scoobs???

The memory is always the second thing that goes. I have forgotten what the first is. I also, believe it or not, completely forgot about the wedding until like 1 this afternoon. Okay, I didn't actually forget about the wedding. I forgot today was Friday.

I'm thinking of another Prince, Annie. The one who had a symbol for a name.<br />
He had a song "Lady Cab Driver."<br />
I think he should have written "Lady Bus Driver."<br />
You are 6:35 Superhero!

"Granted 6:35 AM." Prime school bus time and the reason my snooze button is my best friend. Bright eyed and bushy tailed is the only way to greet on point kids like yours. <br />
<br />
*going to bed in an hour....I'm getting vicariously married to a Prince before dawn.

I have a good friend, whats-her-name, 10 years older than me. She keeps me informed on what to expect in the future. She once said, "I have no recollection of 2006." Ha!

Exactly, JerseyPotato!

Jersey, I Googled as soon as I heard the bus pull away :-)<br />
This menopause business sucks.

He has a very sharp wit. I laughed so hard, at the time.<br />
But it's also a little disturbing.

*ROFL* Adorable!