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Mommy, I Have A Hole!

When my oldest daughter was three, she came to me really concerned saying, "Mommy, I have a hole!". Baffled, I asked her to show me what she was talking about. After pointing to her private area, her issue became clear to me. Trying to contain my laughter, I told her, "honey, it's called a vagina, all girls have one, even mommy." After realizing that it was normal, she was OK.

A week later, our car was in the shop, so we were taking the city bus. In the town we lived in there was a main area down town where all the buses met up at. So, as you might imagine, this is a very busy area with a lot of people. On this day, we had to get off in this area to catch the next bus. After getting off of the bus, I noticed my daughter was trailing behind me a bit, singing, but I couldn't quite understand the words. As I stopped to allow her to catch up, her words became very clear. She was dancing and singing, "I have a vagina, I have a vagina, I have a vagina!"

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The thing about kids is that they're innocent. They're NOT offended by the other gender yet.

so lovely story ... children are so sweet and innocent !

OMGosh!!!!!! Tooo funny,....I miss much,..I want one more...:)

Hahahha aww how beautiful :D

Hehehehehehe :-) too cute!

OMG, now my stomach hurts from laughing! XD

OMG, now my stomach hurts from laughing! XD

Out of the mouth's of babes. Thank you ever so much for a great laugh.

So cute, thanks to share this nice mom's emotion :)


lol hahahaha "that will be a great story to tell everyone on her "21st "hahahaha :D :D

sometimes ya' just gotta celebrate.