Da Bomb Diggity

So I pop off with slang around my kids ... more than I prolly should.

I just asked my oldest son who is 6 to do something for me and when he had finished I said "Thanks, I appreciate that very much." His response was "Mom, does that make me the bomb diggity now?" I started laughin which set off a round of giggles and said "Yes, son, you ARE the bomb diggity!"
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2 Responses Dec 30, 2011

The only thing my kid (who is 3) does is when we play Hot Wheels and I make sound effects for the cars on the Hot Wheel Garage we play with...he make the exact same sounds to the letter and even uses the same sounds when he's playing by himself. They also include the occasional Oh No!! Watch Out!!! and Aaaaah!!!

awwww! Cute