" The Whys And The Why Nots !"

Whys and Why nots….

My husband has never refused the responsibility of the title disciplinarian. When our daughter was 5 years old, she was guilty of breaking a house rule , don’t remember what it was but Daddy stepped up to the plate to give his speech on the ”why and the why nots”. I knew he was in trouble from the start , it was as though he was speaking to a high school class. Now Dad was a tall man and had always insisted that the children look at him when he had these talks, and this was no exception. To my amazement her eyes were glued on him and I could tell he in his glory, he loved power. Anyway his speech went on for 12 minutes ,finally he asked ” Now what did you learn from this ? do you have anything to say?” She looked at him and said….”Daddy did you know when you talk, your nostrils open up wide and the hairs in your nose wiggle ? I fell to the floor with silent laughter. .he left the room speechless…

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Apr 11, 2012