The Trio Of Trouble

I have a 6, 5 and 4 year old, they are all boys and every day I love them more, today was no different. 

Just recently I cleaned out a spare bedroom so that one of them could have a room of his own. Up to now I've had them in the same room because of the divorce I wanted to keep something consistant in their lives. 

I had wanted to go slowly, clean the room, add a few pieces of furniture, hang some pictures, some 'boy' decorations, put up some new curtains.... 
Well, I got the cleaning done, one piece of furniture and the curtains but going slow was obviously not what my three had in mind. 

Tonight I was downstairs talking on the phone and could hear them through the floor making some racket. They make a racket most always so I didn't think much of it and usually don't unless I hear a blood curdling scream or it gets quiet. 

I went upstairs after getting off my call and what do my eyes behold? The three of them with their lil chest's puffed out said "Mom, we moved the bed into my room!"

The mattresses made it but the bed frame had not... he took half the stuffed animals and was ready. 

I tried to point out the flaws in their plan. "Guys, mom has to finish changing the light fixture and there's no bulb in there right now." 
"It's okay Mom I LIKE it like this."

I try something else "Well... there's no pictures or anything on the walls... that's kinda weird, right?" 
"We can put them up tomorrow Mom."

Here's my final lame attempt at keeping him in his room a bit longer "Okay butttttttt your gonna be in here by yourself. Are you sure you want to sleep by yourself cause... we haven't really talked about it yet."

"It's okay Mom. My brothers will be next door."

So I take a deep breathe, smile after turning my back to them and go get the damn bed frame. LOL
Tomorrow I'm gonna be busy putting that room to rights and adjusting the other room for just two occupants. Gosh, they're growin up so fast. They're so great.... the best thing I've ever done in my life...
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Cool Story, It's a huge move for him, he sounds ready.

This is a great story! <br />
They worked hard on their arrangement, maybe leave it for a few days?<br />
Believe me, when you are helping them pack their stuff to move out, all these things become precious. <br />
Embrace the chaos!