I Have A Funny Kid!

I really do have a funny kid!...and words can't describe the love I feel for our son. He's just such an amazing person. As he grows up, I see his personality develope. It's so cool! There's not a day that goes by that he doesn't make us laugh. It's what he enjoys. He loves making people laugh. He can be both silly funny or witty funny. Basically it's what he feels like being in that moment. I love it! He keeps us entertained and vice versa. He's just a real joy...and can't imagine my life without him. By the way....all the "good" that is him, well that all comes from my side of the family.....k fine...I was joking! Just wanted to share this.
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I have 3 very fun kids, but my middle daughter leaves me in stitches all day! Her timing... And the fact that she's only 13 & she's not afraid to be a dork... It's so great to have a comedian in the house!

I feel the same way about my boy and girl. It's so great to be able to truly like one's offspring as people. I never take that for granted because I see other families where it's not the case. My children are a wellspring of joy.

Nice story. I remember when my daughter was little the absolute joy she received and screeching laughter from my pretending exasperation with her. She liked to pull the stickies from the bottom of the tub and stick them on the wall. I'd pretend to be so frustrated, but we both wound up laughing. Another thing she liked was to stay outside after we got back from buying groceries. She thought it was so funny when I'd close the door, then a second later open it again and look out like I didn't know where she went, before noticing her again. Funny how infectious they are. I couldn't imagine my life without her, either!

Sounds like you have a beautiful daughter with a great sense of humour, which I'm sure she gets from her dad. Thanks for reading my story. God bless and all the best my fellow Canuck! :-)