Innocence Lost

On Tuesday, the 5th grade classes watched that special film. You know, the one you see in Health class...Growth and Development. I know you remember.

The next day, my son and his buddies are hanging out in the kitchen~~emptying the pantry.

Dude 1: "Whatever you do, don't remind me of that video."
Dude 2: * moan *
My Dude: "Yeah. That thing was nasty! "
Dude 4: "Nasty! "
Dude 2: *grunt *
Dude 1: "My body does stuff I didn't even know it could do!"
My Dude: "I'll never look at a girl the same way again. Gross."

No truer words have ever been spoken.
Just today that same posse of 11 year old boys got off the bus and made a beeline for the girls. They have all been out front for the past 2 hours.

I guess love is more complicated than Minecraft.
Lilt Lilt
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Great story

So well written. It captures the experience that each of us, as children and as parents, have gone through. It is a bittersweet view of the door to childhood beginning to close and the one to adulthood beginning to open.

Such a beautiful way of putting it, Wheretheskymeetsthesea.

It amazes me that OVERNIGHT kids will go from being 'grossed out' by the opposite sex, to immediate lusting and chasing! I missed the transaction with daughter... it was so quick! Hope I'm better prepared with the Boy! lol

Good luck with that, Em.
There really isn't much prep for these situations. It just seems to show up in your face one day. You know, while you are making tacos or something.

Great story, Lilt! As a dad of four, and an 11 y/o daughter, I laughed heartily....

Great story Lilt. Yes, they do grow up quickly. I was involved in an education programme in Ireland which not only focussed on sex education from the body parts and functions point of view, but also about emotions and not feeling pressured to do things they didn't feel comfortable with ... it would be great if more schools spent time helping kids deal with that side of things too and not just the minimum of sexual mechanics ...

You are so right, Woman. It seems that schools are working overtime on the issue of bullying these days. The teachers can't do it all. But it seems that a lot of parents expect them too.

Yes and I don't think kids really want certain kinds of information from their parents either ... it's tough to know how to handle it, when funding is short and these things are low on the priority list.

Thank god my kids are only 8 & 9 I'm not read for the birds and bees talk yet

Yeah, stick with talking about actual birds and bees. They are important too :-)

Oh I know, I'm just not ready to give it yet LOL

I was a teacher in the elementary area many years ago, I tauight in a rural syatem that actually brought in male and female doctors to go with the program, it was an excellent program. Next I taught Science inan urban shool system, I sat and watched a health nurse lie during the question time. Later she told me that the kids did not need an answer. The school I was at actually had a girl cry in the restroom because she thouight she was dying. The teacher that talked with her was put on probation. Be open and talk with your kids.

As an educator for over 20 years, your comment makes me really sad. I cherish children's intelligence and love of knowledge. ANY question deserves a respectful answer. I am glad you got to see a job well done at the other school.

LOL. I have a 4th grader....hoping I have one more year until he's making a bee line for the girls. :)

*sigh* my youngest turns 12 today and she's been boy crazy for about a year, on her second boyfriend already. They grow up too darn fast.

My boy craziness started in Kindergarten! Todd G. and Brian S.

Happy Day of Birth, Mom!

Hahaha,nice one! I remembered I said the same thing when I was in 5th grade as well. :-)

The tide is turning.

And anything to get em outside - right? (almost anything)

i wish i had known anything right before entering,!!!ignorance is not bliss.

I actually refused to watch those videos when I was in secondary education.

oww your son turns from a girl-hater to girl-lover. i just love to see that transition.

minecraft isn't complicated! goofball

Do you think you could get me a copy of that movie???? I feel like I still am hanging on to too much innocence....

Sure. We can arrange a special viewing for you with The Coach on Friday.

Oh boy... does that mean I have to "hit the showers" after????

Of course not.
There will be a fire for the weenie roast.

OUCH!.... I can see I need to do some debauchery stretching exercises before jumping on board....

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My eldest had that class last year. As far as i know he still prefers Minecraft and Xbox.....hope that doesn't change for a few more years.

awesome. :)

You know when my daughter came home after having those classes I was seriously thinking convent!

Gawd how your thinking changes when you are the father of a girl. =o/

Oh and one more thing, I`m not Catholic. :-p

I am not so sure about that boy/girl thing, DEG.
We managed to get our twin sons to the age of 24, without any babies. Teach your children well.

My daughter is now 34 and has her own son of 15 months. :o) I think we did well. :o)

Congratulations on the new little man! You must be having the time of your life, Grandpa. :-)

Oh I am Lilt. He has become my everything. They are going to Florida on Sunday, I`m going to miss him. :o(

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Lol! What a difference a day makes. ;)

Dinah Washington's version of that song is one of my all-time favorites!

*sings to herself (off key)* :)

But Dinah did not do the LOL part in 1959.

Neither does sonnet in 2013. ;)


*hands out ear plugs* You`ll be safe now Lilt. ;-p

Thank you DEG, but I already have some. At 50 my husband has decided to learn guitar and be a rock star. {{{{{{ O_O }}}}}}}

There is no age restriction on awesome. Nu-uh! :)

Hey good for him. :o) I haven`t picked my guitar up in years.

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I am keeping mine at 10 for the rest of his life!

Good luck with that, Dot.