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Summertime~ and the living is easy

Around 11 o'clock,  yesterday morning, our 7 year old decided it was a perfect day to throw a party.  For the next 5 hours he was totally engrossed in the role of event planner.

Decorating was the first order of business.  He hunted down all the balloons in the house.  Surprisingly,  there were about 20.   He blew them all up, with the exception of three  that he filled with water.  Kitty didn't think it was very funny.  The rest were carefully placed around the house.  Looks good!

Then there was the menu to think about.  It only took a minute for him to ask me if I would make an antipasto tray.  It's a favorite.  Unfortunately,  we didn't have all the ingredients,  the car is in the shop,  so a trip to the store wasn't possible.  As a guy who obviously thinks on his feet,  he said olives in little bowls would be a hit.

On to the activities.   By this time,  I had to ask,  "Who is coming to this party?"

"Well,  you are going to be there, right Mom?"

Of course.

"The activities are the most important part, "  he said.   For the next hour he was very busy...cutting, writing, humming, taping, humming, gluing, starting over, humming, and taping.   He made ballots and a ballot box.  He found a giant rainbow clown wig (yes, we have stuff like this.)   The first activity was to vote for who would have to wear the embarrassing wig for the entire party.

Activity 2 was a drawing for a back massage.  Cool. 

The next activity was a "Robot Dance Contest."  This required listening to lots of music online for just the perfect song.  By this time he had called Mr. Lilt and his brothers to invite them to his big blow out.  They all graciously accepted.  Whew.   Anyway,  he chose Herbie Hancock's  "Rockit"  for the competition.   He wrote down the title and sealed it in an envelop.

The 4th activity was a no-brainer...magic show.   The dude loves magic.  He has been pulling tricks on us since he could crawl.  Houdini had nothing on this toddler, as he worked those child-proof locks.   The boy went through all his magic tricks and put together a pretty good act.  I got to see the "Hey Mom,  hey Mom,  hey Mom"   dress rehearsal.

The guests were on their way home.  The only thing left to do was get dressed.   He hunted down his favorite rock&roll shirt,  the one that looks like Joe Perry.  He attached some kind of chain to his pants,  slicked his hair down with who-knows-what,  saturated his entire 61lb. body with cologne,  and put on his Al Capone hat. 

"LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! "  he shouted,  as he did some cartwheels across the floor. be continued....

Lilt Lilt 46-50 62 Responses Jul 1, 2009

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bat wings...check<br />
hula skirts...nope

Ha! Listen AceBabe, no serious party planner would ever stick around for clean-up! They have "people" that take care of that part : )

wow, pretty creative kid! :D let me geuss, he suddenly "had to go do homework" when the cleaning up part came around? ;D

Thanks for dropping into the party, Roarke.<br />
Are you a party planner too?

I am glad to see you are member of this group too, A-Mom.<br />
The kids grow up so fast. They are going to make you crazy, that's a given. But you have to enjoy those moments when they rock your world.

That is precious!

He's a spirited one, that's for sure! <br />
I'm glad you dropped by too, Fish.

Thank you, redwings. He brings a lot of joy to this family.

geez! amazing kid... he kinda shaped the day.... that's powerful.

Except Martinelli.

Except Martinelli.

Smilies for everyone!

There you go Lilt...agent for the kid<br />
And referee for the others...

Martinelli downfrowned you? Or me? It wasn't a word, but it is now in the EP vernacular.

Is "downvoter" even a real word?

Of course it's me. But I still love you.

Downvoters are: Martinelli and Myonis108

hmmmm....Stage Mom.<br />
I really do need a job, Frito

I just frowned your he he he. Can you see my name?

Lilt...the kid needs an agent quick :)

Frown away. Go ahead. I'll stalk you and frown every comment you ever made - except on your stories. You'd be able to see that.

I'm gonna start giving little frowny faces if you two don't stop.<br />
This is a happy place.

No, you're not getting away with this, not this time, Mr. Man. Besides, he'll need a passport and I bet he doesn't have one. Na na na na na na!!!

Martin, are you kidding me? You steal my experiences, my jokes, you butt ahead of me in the comments line, and now you want to steal my ring bearer???? Well, I NEVER! And how do you know you asked for him first? Maybe the Robot Man and I have already discussed this. (Sorry, Lilt. I promised I wouldn't tattle.)

School starts the 2nd week of August, so long as he's back by then.

He will NOT wear the wig. But we get to vote on who will.

I'm renting him the 18th. He's going to wear the wig and do the Robot Man down the "aisle" ahead of us. Is that the same weekend?

What kind of dance contest would you like?

Of course. He can stay for a whole week!

Noodle + Peanut = Spicy Thai Sauce!!!