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Oh Boy

My 7 year old son was on the computer last night,  as I worked on dinner.  When he quit and went upstairs,  I jumped on to finish an article I had started earlier.  I clicked on my history and I see 

"Google search....Big Boobs"

He checked out a few pages.    Then I see

"Google search....Really Big Boobs"

That made me laugh out loud.  But then I knew I had to put on the Mommy Hat,  and take care of business.  I said, " I know what you were looking at on the computer and we will talk about it when Dad gets home."  That "deer in the headlights"  look is sooooo adorable.  Don't you think?

We sat the boy down and said he was not in trouble.  It's okay to be curious.  But he should bring his questions to us,  not the internet.  The internet is not always true,  but we will always be honest and tell him the truth.  (Now he's getting the "when will this end look")  We went on to say,  he is not allowed to look at that stuff anymore or he will be locked out of the computer.  ("why are you doing this to me look")  I'm pretty sure by now,  he was nearing the tuned out stage  (you're losing me here face)    So we added just one more thought.... 

"We will always know everything you do on that computer.  We have ways through history to see EVERYTHING."

I'm not quite sure how to describe the look he had at that point.  Disappointed, for sure.

Lilt Lilt 46-50 165 Responses Dec 7, 2009

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Love this story. It took my friends kids about 15 seconds to get around the parental controls~ eventually they outsmart you. I applaud your efforts. mini

Mini, now the "parental controls" are to keep the parents out!

Wait til he learns to clear history. Why not put up parental controls setting?

BRAVO...GOOD PARENTS!! You guys got this down pat. :)

This is SO funny.

I think so too, Damsel. :-)
He saw the "special" health film on reproduction last Spring. I am pretty sure it scared the hell out of him. Sometimes too much information is not such a good thing. Ha!

LOL. I can remember seeing one of those and being appalled,

It's been awhile since I wrote this story. My guy is now going on 12. We have kept a close eye on his Internet activity, no boobs that we know of. I think those 40DDDDD's left quite an impression. I think it's cool that you are keeping the communication open with your boys, Happiness.

LOL.. they are so sweet . I have had many discussions with my 2 boys about things like that . I'm glad my 9 year old still doesn't "get it " why boys like "boobs n stuff "... i'll be happy if he stays like that, for quite a while longer .

Cute story,, children do have the most expressive faces, guess they haven't learned how to hid their reactions,, and maybe that's not such a bad thing. It's nice the way you can read him as well.

Dave, this is son #3. I have gotten pretty good at this over the years. :-)

That's pretty funny. I think I was just a little older, like eight maybe when I decided to look up naked women. The only thing was I spelled 'naked' wrong, so when my mom saw the search history later that night she laughed hysterically. To this day she tells that story, to this day. And just in case you're wondering, my search was 'naced ladies'.

Thats funny! LOL 7 yrs old and knows about boobies. Kids sure grow up fast these days. I was 16 or 17 before I got a look............many years ago

I know, Crowbar. I think a lot about how the Internet has stolen so much innocence.
And not just innocence from children. Adults are just as naive about their online relationships.
It is just sad.

Update 2013...
The boy was tortured with a film on "Human Development" this week in Health class. Yeah, that one.
His review: "Nasty"

Oh so he is no the eleven year old I read about in the other story? Damn! This kid is really developing! ;-)

The developing part is what has him all grossed out!

You should remind him that he once googled really big boobs.

Or maybe not. ; )

Probably not :-/

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One of my favorite subj.... uh... stories EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

This sure brings back mammaries .....


"mammeries"? Really?

ok. i giggled.

I still giggle at this story from time to time. I'm glad someone revived it. : )

Oh good! I did something right for a change.... ;-)

This one has been one of my favorites...maybe because my kids were too young to google when she wrote it....but as they're both boys, I'm sure I'll be crying on Lilt's shoulder soon enough...

That you will, once. That you will...

yeeeah. The oldest is 8....the younger 6. The older one has already "kissed" a girl. And is obsessed with them. But I am hoping that video games will eclipse the females for a few more years. The younger one is only obsessed with "Princess Peach" from Mario. Surely no earthly chick could compare....

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Ambroseguy, you may want to step away from the screen as you search.
Some of these really big boobs take up an entire room. Just shocking!

LMAO thanks for the warning, Lilt! And the amusing stories! Love them.... ;-)

Damn! I sympaThize for him!!! Lol. Now I have to go see the difference between 'Big' and 'Really Big' is! ;-)

Ohhhhh dear lord.... I do not look forward to that one... I am unsure if I will be as level headed about it as your were, but I shall try and use your example as a guidepost ;)

Or maybe you are more of "leg man," Waterloo.

Your kid is a genius!<br />
<br />
Or maybe, I was just a slow starter... ;)<br />
<br />
Great story :)

Very lovely story...brought a smile to my are so much curious and give adorable ex<x>pressions :)

Thank goodness the older kids are too disgusted to actually say anything about their discoveries.<br />

I love this story Lilt ... I love the way you describe the look on his face during the process of interrogation ... lol ... and I too believe that these situations come around to haunt us in ways we can only have nightmares about ... being found out by our kids for being less than a "paragon of virtue" is not an enviable situation at all! I speak from experience here!

Haha! I browse 'incognito' so the kids can't see :-)

Just whatchoo lookin' at, Scoobs?

Socks. I love socks.

Funny how things come full circle like that :-)

It is kind of funny. My kids, who are all adults, check history to see what I've been looking at on the computer. Lol

Good answer, Bleed!<br />
*I was going to say 18*

That's a lot of hits!<br />
<br />
And least wait till he's 16.

By 16 he'll be seeing the real thing.

And watching ****.........

Dearest Firegod, this story was written 3 years ago. The kid still doesn't look up boobie stuff.<br />
He knows we are watching.<br />
<br />
Please don't teach your kids to hide their stuff. You may regret it someday. One of my friends recently discovered her teenaged son was chatting with some freaky bondage couple.<br />
It is scary out there.

I'm not sure how that would all go down in my house. The wife would be pissed, but I'd be laughing on the inside. After she was gone I would probably give a lesson on clearing histories and temporary internet folders

Billions of big boobs.<br />
<br />
* one billion more hits*

Like, a billion.

I had not thought of that.<br />
Well damn it, it should have a few more million views then.