I'm A Princess!

My 3yr old son goes running out of the kitchen after dinner this evening, and comes back with a scarf wrapped around his mid-section. He starts yelling look! look! I;m a princess!!!  As i begin to laugh hysterically he goes back to the closet and starts grabbing gloves and trying them on....not satisfied with any of the ones he's tried on he keeps repeating nope...not for princess!! My husband looks at him and says no baby your a prince....without missing a beat he says NOOO! I'm a PRINCESS!!!

Should i be worried ? lol





EdenEyed EdenEyed
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5 Responses Feb 4, 2010

oh gosh i think everythings great, <br />
just let him be and he will be forever grateful when he is older!!<br />
Hugs, K.

lmao that's it baby make mama rich!!! lol

Worried...hell no! He could be the next Calvin Klein.

He absolutely cracks me up!