A couple of years ago, when my oldest son was three, he was working on an art project with my step-mother. She calls me up and says, Glow. I think you need to come see this. I'm not sure how to handle it...

Oh God. What has he done now?

I walk over to their house, and see the man made of hearts that they've been working on.

It's hard to explain...better I just show you.


And the moral of the story? Hippie moms have kids who are comfortable with their bodies.


Always practice art projects at home before you let your kids do them in mixed company.

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glad of that!!!

My philosophy exactly! :D

shows creativity<br />
encourage it<br />
bugger what the neighbours think -- it they think THAT is a problem, feel sorry for her!!!

Maybe its wishful thinking, Myo. <br />
<br />
And the nudist comments about this story of all the others. What kind of artwork does little ONO do, my friend?

GLOW, that is wonderful. Good for you.

I'm laughing and studying the proportions here. I'm thinking like Scoobs but I'm not jealous. I'm impressed.

(I still hear my mother's voice in my head sometimes...<i>One day, you'll have kids....</i>


Lol! Too funny!

hahahaha!!! Love it, Lilt!!<br />
<br />
My husband was at the Veteran's Hospital on Veteran's Day a couple of years ago when we were between insurances. Some kids from the schools made cards to be distributed to the Vets in the hospital. He got one that hung on our fridge for about a year.<br />
<br />
"Thank you for doing the Amy" <br />
<br />
I said, "Who is Amy, and should I be concerned? Nah. Apparently it was a public service for some reason..."

Love it!<br />
When my son was in kindergarten, he brought home a mother's day card.<br />
It said, "My Mom is Special Because: she likes flowrs and she likes to ****<br />
<br />
His teacher said it was her favorite card :O

nice one

:D Thanks.

Poor Ken. I guess the molded plastic idea of a package isn't enough for her..a caveat of letting your woman get all that plastic surgery.

He should go after Barbie. They're equally disproportionate.

Paper envy. It happens to the best of us.

Well, lets just say if I were a female Valentine, I'd want me some of that!

of the accordion folding, or the missing hea...rt?

Quite frankly, I'm a little jealous.

There was!! It fell off somewhere. Or was pulled off. I worry about those kids..

but.....there's no upside down heart behind it.