I'm running around my house, trying to clean up after and cook for a 5-year-old, who is taking full advantage of my preoccupation.  I walk into my bedroom, and she is balanced on a chair over the fish tank with the top open and her juice box in hand.  "BOON," I scream at her, "WHAT do you think you're DOING?"  "Fishes are thirsty, mama.  And they're tired of stinky water." 

Anybody know if a two tablespoon (roughly) dilution of apple juice in ten gallons of water will hurt the goldfish?

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Who knos? But that is an adorable story

I love this it is too cute

It was a $2 fish, or--to be exact--four $2 fishes. The rest of the expenditure was on plants, decorations, tanks, and medicines to keep said cheap fishes alive.

I think your 5 yr.old would be just as happy with a $2 fish than a $20 fish.<br />
They all end up in the same place :-/

Toilet paper tube coffins! I wish I had thought of that before the recent debaucle involving two fifth-birthday fish, a bad fungal infection, and roughly $200 in aquatic creatures and supplies.

Oh hell no, fish love apple juice.<br />
But when the fish die, and they always do, you get to make up fancy rituals. And decorate toilet paper tube coffins. It's all good. Circle of life...all that stuff.