The Lion And The Bird

Leo is almost four. His happiest moments are spent with food. He likes to get into the cabinets and try new things. While I applaud his sense of adventure, this can get messy.

Little Bird is almost six. He's more cautious than his baby brother, but likes to hang out nearby, so that he can run tell Mommy when Leo does something bad.

So today, I was in the bedroom on the laptop, and MrG was "watching them."

All is quiet for a few minutes, then there is some commotion and then Little Bird comes in my bedroom with the following:

Well, Mommy. Leo got the asagi beads (meaning wasabi peas). And then he ate one, but he didn't like it, you know, because it has asagi on it?

I can imagine not, Baby. Well, where is the can now?

Well, Leo dumped them out. Oh. And I had to get some water.

Are they still in the floor? Why did you need water? Did you eat one too?

Some of them are in the floor. Leo put the one he tasted into the water that Daddy has on the stove to make noodles. I had to get water because one of the asagi beads got in my wee wee. Then I had to use my shoe to get it out.




When do they get old enough to not need eyes on them 24/7?

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7 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Heh. Tekk...would the bottle of wine be for us or for them?

Oh no! little girl is the same way though. I have a feeling I'm going to be at the principals office all through grade school. But not for anything bad like fighting but something weird like getting the pet turtle stuck in the teacher's bra or something... : /<br />
<br />
Yes, our children do need to get together. We NEED to see what happens when they collaborate. I'll need to bring a bottle wine though. Or headache medicine. Depends on how creative they can get.

Lovely, just lovely. Hey, at least it's never boring.

Yeah Scooby. Me either. But the thing is...mine are my responsibility still. You can at least tell the authorities that the kids are adults. I'd get in trouble. ;-)

I'll let you know when they get old enough you don't have to watch anymore. :-) My attitude is more like ~I don't wanna know~

I don't know!!! I only have boys. But good grief. That obsession with the man parts starts the first time they accidentally grab them when their diaper is off. I very distinctly remember with both of mine...that look of "Hey. This is new..."

Does every little boy experiment with ob<x>jects this way? Boy, I'm so happy to have my girl lol!