Down Syndrome, No Big.

When we decided to have another kid we dicussed the possibility of down syndrome. We agreed its not a big deal. We do not believe in abortion. Durring my pregnancy the doctor noticed my baby had a larger kidney. Said it could be a sign of downs. I said test all u want but it makes no differnce to me. Just no ambiosentices. Im not putting my babies life in danger for something that doesnt matter. The doctor was shocked at that. The aultra sound came back negative. When my baby was born the nurse had a very serious look on his face, and said "im sorry i've got to tell you something" we were so relieved when he told us she had downs. I said to him "oh, s that sll. You had me scared." I thought we gonna lose another baby.
I was given a book about other parents stories. I read story after story. And most stories made me very angry. Most poeple said it was the worst thing ever, they wish they had the chance to abort the pregnancy. Who says that about thier baby. My little girl cando anything anyother kid can do, it just takes her longer to learn. So anyway i have never ever wished she was born "normal" downs is what makes her her. I lover her the way she is. I wouldnt have her anyother way.
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Same I couldn't imagine my son being "normal" lol. They are pretty amazing just the way they are :)