Little Hitcher

The other day when I was fixing to get in my car I kept hearing a kitten's meow. I actually thought I was going crazy there for a minute because I knew we didn't have cats anywhere around our house. Finally I figure out that the noise was coming from under my vehicle. The kitty never would come out and it was time for me to go. So off we went with the kitten still under my SUV. I stopped in at work and the girl working there said that I had locked another kitten in the outside bathroom before I closed up the store. I said that I had used the B-room before I left and never noticed the cat in there! Apparently, they were her kittens and had hitched a ride to town with her. So later that day I stopped at moms and sometime during my visit the kitten climbed out from under my SUV and stayed there. Finally, I'm rid of the kitty!!! We'll, later on that night I had to go back to my mom's and while I was there the kitten climbed BACK under my car! So when I got home I told my husband that we had a new addition to the family. It was a little, grey, whiney kitten. YAY!!!!Don't get me wrong, I love kittens. But where we live the animals would have it for lunch. Not a sight I want to step out and see!! Finally I was able to draw the kitten out with persuasion of milk and cajun turkey. ( nice combo huh?) Now the thing thinks I'm its mommy and follows me around everywhere meowing the whole time. My daughter wasn't really sure what to think of it at first but she soon warmed up to and began tugging at the poor kittens ears. Now the kitten is afraid of her!! The kitten has now survived night three at our house and maybe she'll be lucky enough not to be picked off by another animal. But the bush she sleeps under I noticed the night before I acquired the kitty there was an armidillo under it. Do armidillos attach other animals?
Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Jul 25, 2007

Consider bringing your new kitty friend to a no-kill shelter where people will take him/her in and foster him until someone adopts him/her. This is a far better alternative to letting him/her get picked off by another aggressive animal or hit or injured by a car.