Yep, I Have A Lapband

I have been banded since October 14 2010. I am very happy that I did it. So far all is well. I have dropped 45 pounds. Not done yet of course. I have had three fills and feel that I am in the green zone. I can lose a pound or two a week. I don't always lose them, but it is very easy to, if I do as I am suppose to. I don't always do that. Yes you can regain with lap band if you do not eat properly, and you do not exercise. I have not yet picked up the exercise want to. So I lose slowly, but if I watch what I eat I still lose. It is not just the same old diet food either. There are a lot of things I can not eat now and that helps so much!! I am very happy I made this decision and I believe it is working for me.
JoyceReal JoyceReal
2 Responses May 18, 2012

Way to go Joyce

Glad to hear it Joyce, sounds like you've done the right things and are continuing to do them. So many people don't bother learning about it before they have it done. Don't know if it is marketing of the procedure, wishful thinking for magic solutions, or what. But it is all too common.