I Want To Join A Chat Group On Lap Band

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Hello , I want to hear or chat about lap band Im going in next week to have it done . Any good advice .
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6 Responses Sep 24, 2012

Hello! I was banded Feb 5th I started at 271 and im now at 205. My best advice is I went to walmart and bought a plate from yhe baby section (one with the 3 portions) and use that to eat off of

Had my lapband done Jan 2013.. have lost 55 lbs so far,, love my band it keeps me from being out of control with my eating.. I am now off of my Diabetic meds, high cholesterol and blood pressure under control.. I would do it again in a heartbeat.. wish I had done it earlier...

Hello back the best advice I can give is to eat the right food and do exercise and don't sneak any snacks because it will come back on you so good luck.

You will do good long as you listen to the doctor and follow your diet .

You will do good with your lapband. we will pray for you.

So how are you doing now? I'm well over nine years out with my band, and doing great.

I 'm waiting for my surgery the lapband.