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This time last year I was weighing 301 pounds. I couldn't take being fat anymore. I would lose weight and gain it right back all my life. I looked into this procedure called a Lap-Band. This is where a doctor goes in and puts a band around the top of the stomach and makes it smaller. My stomach now, is the size of an egg. I had surgery on July 26, 2006. To date I have lost 80 pounds and feel 100% better. I am more active now and I don't tire out anymore. My goal weight is to get to 200 pounds. The reason I opted for this surgery is because the Lap-Band can be taken out at any time if I so choose. Plus their were no organs taken out of my body like other weight lose surgeries. I am glad I did it. I come across friends now and they do not even recognize me anymore. They say I look like a different person.
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I am getting ready to try for this procedure. I weigh about 295 lbs and I will need to lose about 40 lbs before they will do the procedure. I have many thoughts about this. I don't expect a miracle but I have lose and regained weight over and over and I am now almost 50 and I want to be below 200 lbs. I want to be able to be active and not struggle to just put on my shoes or to clean myself after going to the bathroom. Anyway, encouraged by your post.

Hi everyone, I'm new to this but I signed up to talk about the lap band and seen so much more. I'm 30yrs old with 3 children, I weigh 275lbs and i'm 5''10. I'm having the lap band done this month on the 29th. I'm scared cause of alot of people concern I love to eat. I want to know am I going to be able to control my eating habbits, cause i'm trying to start now but it's hard.

I know exactly what you are talking about. I love food. I eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods. I cook from scratch and eat healthy foods too but tend to over eat. I am doing the only one plate no seconds and cutting out sweets. Not eating sweets isn't too hard for me but my husband loves to eat sweets in the evening and it can be hard to resist. Anyway. I am starting the process for the lap band procedure. It is a long process. They have mandatory support group meetings and then I am on the waiting list to meet with the doctors to access my readiness for surgery. They are very thorough in their process...evaluations and I need to lose about 40 lbs presurgery. Anyway...good luck to you and to me.


Im thinking about the lap band surgery. I always weighed around 135 or 140 pounds. Im 5ft 6 in.tall. used to eat anything I wanted, in 3 years Ive gained up to 220 pounds. I quit smoking a year ago and thats what helped me get to this point...I have high b/p,sleeping dsorder I have to sleep with a breathing machine I feel awful. Ive got to get this weight under control. My main concern is changing my eating habits I love to eat..How hard is it? Do you not want to eat ? Do you fill full all the time ? I need some answers, Please help!

I was so scared of not being able to control my eating habits before the surgery and of not being able to eat properly afterwards. Well I have found for me the urge to eat has mostly been taken away and when I do I try very hard to eat carefully and to chew thoroughly. So far I have not had any trouble but it is early days yet.... Good luck with your decision.

Well wishes on your new body. It's great to hear people who have succeeded in their weight loss goals. For those who wants to try it, they may take a view at http://gastric-lap-band.com/ to consider the procedure

i'm going to have the lap band procedure but my biggest fear is if it hurts after the surgery and if so for how long? i'm really looking forward to getting to a healthier wt. i now weigh 184 and 5'4''. but i'm now on the road back up...everyone knows what that is like and we don't like it. my health is the biggest issue to have it done. i really have a small fr<x>ame and the weight is really making life difficult to live..all of the aches and pains that are caused from weight gain. so if someone would let me know if there was much pain i would appreiate it.

I am considering one - biggest concern is problem foods after the surgery - what is the biggest issue?

CONGRADULATIONS! That is so good that you lost all that weight. I haven't seen you before, but you look really good now.

I am having a lap band placed in November. Congrats on doing so well. I am excited!!! :)