Loving Myself Again

I am 50 years old and for many years have had problems with my weight. In 2008 had I had surgery on my neck. I thought that the surgery would help but it didn't. In March of 2008, I lost the most important man in my life, my father. After 5 months out with the neck surgery I went back to the surgeon to tell him I was still having problems and all he could say to me is that it was in my head and that he thought I should go see a shrink. He figured that I was using my fathers death as an excuse to get more pain pills. So I suffered until this past year when I started having problems with the other side. Found a new doctor and he did an MRI. The MRI showed that I had the same problem but on the other side. I also learned that my back was loaded with Arthritis. My new doctor recommended Breast reduction surgery. He felt that the twins were causing the problem. So he asked me if I had ever thought of having weight loss surgery? I told him I had thought about it. So he told me what the benefits would be. I went home and talked to my Mom about it and we decided if I was going to do the reduction, I may as well have weight loss surgery first, lose the weight, then do the reduction. I called him and told him what I had decided to do and he gave me the number to the surgeon that would do my surgery.

I called and set up my first appointment with Dr. E, I was almost 254 pounds. I had high blood pressure, under active thyroid and sleep apnea. I was placed on the CPAP. Within a month I noticed I was finally losing a little bit of weight. So I started to change my eating habits .This was back in July. In August I started all the blood work and test to prepare fore the Lap band surgery. I was approved for the surgery and now had a surgery date. My surgery would be on Dec 3rd, 2012. I also found out that I was not only having weight loss surgery, but also hernia repair too. I weighed myself the morning of surgery and the scale read 207.5 lbs. I was so happy , I had loss close to 50 pounds. I went in and had my surgery. I am 8 days post op. I am doing fairly well. I'm still sore in the port area, but I can deal with it. Next Monday I can try soft foods.

When I was at the 254 pounds I was wearing a size 3x in shirts and 24 in pants. I am now fitting into a large. I cried my eyes out. I never thought I would fit into a large ever again. Now I am ready to work on fitting into a medium. I once again love myself. Having this surgery was the best thing that ever happened to me.

My surgeon said that once I reach my goal (135 pounds) we will discuss the boobs, tummy and the excess skin.
Stellababy Stellababy
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Thank you for your story. I am considering having the surgery. I'd have to get it in Mexico because I can't afford it here. Any comments?

Good going, Stellababy. You may nor may not reach the goal of 135, even with plastics, but that's OK too. Most people do not reach goals. Not because of anything they do wrong, just that the goals are unrealistic. A BMI of 25 almost never happens for someone who has been over a hundred pounds overweight. Your bones have increased in size, and your muscles as well, to haul all that flab around. I hope you're walking now and will be doing other exercises soon. I hope you have a local support group, and also participate on online ones in other places. Some are on yahoogroups and there is at least one on Facebook. I was banded almost ten years ago, and it has changed my life, though I know I'll never reach a BMI of 25. Yes, I've had plastic surgery. If you have any questions, just ask.