3 Months In

I'm only 3 months in, and I've lost quite a bit, but not as much as I had hoped. I can still eat WAY too much, I've had two fills. I think I need one more, though I'm not sure my surgeon agrees. I hope to keep losing...If I get a little further, I'll be fit enough to join a gym and that way I can spike my weight loss with activity. I'm excited to get to that point! Please tell me all about your experiences, I'd love to hear!!

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Correction last visit Jan 22 2011

The doctor doean't usually give a fill for 6 weeks. Then is subject to give 6 fills in the first year. I waqs banded Oct. 10th 2010 and have had 5 fills. My last visit was Jan 22 2010 and i had lost 8 lbs in the pass 3 weeks, so the doctor thinks i am at the sweet spot and didn't give me a fill. He scheuled me for another vist 4 weeks down the road. I have lost 40lbs all together. I go to the gym twice a week and play golf twice a week, basically try and stay busy. LOVE IT SO FAR, Good luck

What should i do if my docter want give me a fill if i think i need one

good luck I hand my band 4years ago and im still trying to loose, you might find you need a couple more fills as everyones band is diffrent, luv Jacqueline x