Sixteen Is Enough

I remember my mother telling me when I was but a child that if she were wealthy she would love to open an Orphanage. I never quite understood at that young age just why she desired such a dream. Many years later in my life I can see what my mother was dreaming about. With seven biological and eight step children under my care over the past thirty years I have experienced both the pleasure and the pain of my mother's unrealized dream.
Pain is an inevitable bi-product of the child rearing process and its only antidote are the many wonderful rewards of pleasureful experiences that countervail. As we parents watch in amazement each child grow in their uniqueness we begin to understand that every human being is truly an individual in aptitude and attitude. Learning to accept and develop this individuality within each child is the very root of wisdom for the aspiring parent of few or many.
Who is born wise? Certainly not I. It took a great deal of time to develop the patients that I would need to learn to not expect every child to fit the same mold that I myself was wrought in. During that learning period I made mistakes that brought great pain without remedy upon both the child and myself. The antidote for pleasure came in abundance only after my understanding and acceptance of uniqueness within each child was through time gained. 
It has been a thirty year journey through time navigating a road with many forks and curves in a vehicle that always has vacant seats.
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Thank you.

Well done at raising 16 children. I'm sure they brought you pleasure.