My Last Resort

 there are times in life where things that can make you feel like you got nothing left in the tank . for some its work others its there home life with their families and some is finding love... for some reason those who hardly try at anyone of these things they seem to succeed so easly  because there just gifted like that i know this because i know some individuals like that. i am smeone very different see im an extremest of things once my mind is on something nothing else matters to me im focused on that one thing i dont eat i hardly sleep i only think on that one subject most call this unhealthy i just call it i can do it they cant becaue they are either to distracted or lazy but i know they can do the same but thing being this is what makes me original it what makes me tick ... just flooring this matter and not giving it any break. people ask me why should i do what i do and i ask them back why should i do what people do i would just be part of the crowd which is one thing im not part of

heidischainmailangel heidischainmailangel
26-30, M
Sep 25, 2009