I Wear Saree Below The Navel

I am always wearing the saree below my navel. I feel comfortable when I tie the saree about 2-3 inches below my navel. Most of the boys are looking at my waist & try to see my navel wherever they get the oppurtuinity,  I do enjoy people staring at my navel, & show my navel through transparent saree or otherwise. Some times I decor it with small buttons or stickers.
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54 Responses Apr 9, 2011

You are a very sexy woman.

i like to see ur nvael. please send ur pics displaying navel.

can we chat

please show ur one glimse of navel

hehe you must be a regular feature at parties then

i can imagine that
it is not easy to skip this sexy naval

would love to hear from you .write to me in detail about your un grateful husband and your likes and dislikes, i would love to hear from you ,only if you are a woman
i am ayoung indian male interested in ladies only . i live in mississauga ,ontario ,canada
write to me at

wanna lick ur navel

u shud learn to respect urself and your body y put it n display

you are so rude because you show your novel to the another

share your navel pics

i am sahil rajpoot from islamabad . agr koie lady mujy dost bana cahti hy to Email me sahilrajpoot341@yahoo.com

I love your story ,I too love navels , I always love to look at women's sarees to see if they are showing the navel

Please show me your navel

Ragini mam how your househusband react.He will be the luckyest person who can see your lovely navel and must have worship it the way you want.

great story! I'd love to see your navel too. please add me ;)

how u decor it with other items unless we see it ..... how can we admire.
lets share some photos or be in a transparent saree....

pl continuing doing so.... it is encouraging

share sm naval pics......

my cousin sister who is elder than me and married, has a huge juicy navel. all the boys in their society keep starring at her navel. even i like to

i would like to be my wife should wear saree below the navel

Hey...hi m payal..., i too love to expose my navel!!!<br />
It feels gr8 n proud when sm1 stares at my navel.

ragini ji hw r u??

Tahini ji greetings from California can we communicate via email albert_sheraton@hotmail.com

payal i want to lick ur navel deeply

hallo ragini<br />
its a pleasure of knowing u got a good body and u like to admired. love ur attitude and ur confidence. keep in touch :)

Hi Ragini...pls share

Hi Ragini.........Pls share

All indian women should be like u and wear sarees below the navel and flaunt their navel beauty!

Hi i am reka. actually wearing saree below navel is our tradition. And when sunlight directly falls in our navel it is good to our health

hi reka iwant to lickur navel plz...

dear ragini<br />
when you wear saree below navel you please wear 6-8 inch below your navel...you look to sexy you can also wear thin waist chain below your navel.. always wear silk transparent saree and low cut blouse to expose your navel..

Well Ragini, as they say, if you have it then flaunt it..why not.. Let men pay attention to your well decorated Navel as well besides the cute face and lovely breasts..

Hello Ragini I am a Die Hard Navel fan can you please show me your pics in Navel

can u snt ur photo

Hi Ragini,<br />
<br />
Am new to EP loved your stories <br />
even i like to wear sarees below navel <br />
it males it comfortable to carry yourself.....

You sound so wonderful, I would love to be your househusband. You could call me your wife if it please you and I would be so proud!

Wow...i wish to see u :)

Please add me to your list of freind.

where is navel pot

i like to wear 6-8 inch below my naval

nice r u married

hi ragini mam,<br />
plz add me in ur friends list and i like to see ur navel pics, so plz send some of ur beautiful navel pics in my e-mail.

though u said about u like wearing the saree below naval make u ,but y not showing any naval in ur photo

I believe all women should expose thier navel. You should enjoy being appreciated of your lovely navel by all the guys i would love to be your freind. Please add me to your list of freind. <br />
<br />
What does your hubb do?

in this profile pic u didnt expose ur navel...so change ur pic wherin u have exposed ur navel..

its good to wear saree below navel.....girls look really hot in saree exposing their hot navel..

its good to wear saree below navel.....girls look really hot in saree exposing their hot navel..

wear the saree below navel is looking very good

i think it is good to ware saree below the navel <br />
it is better for her and others

i think it is good to ware saree below the navel <br />
it is better for her and others

i think it is good to ware saree below the navel <br />
it is better for her and others

i think it is good to ware saree below the navel <br />
it is better for her and others

Women like you make the word a better place.

i wnt to see ur pics

So you wear a sari below the navel because you have a lazy, ungrateful husband? I guess that will teach him.

I like your attitude - confident.

Hi Ragini, Please post your photos, <br />
<br />
Good Story.

hi, pl add me in your friends list and hope you would show more of your photos

looking cute,,,, could u add me in your friend list

but in this photo ur saree is not transparent..... can i see one of ur pic in saree showing navel??? u wear saree all the time??? ur husband dosent ob<x>ject knowing that ur showing ur navel???

hello ragini mam.......tell me one thing that u dont feel uncomfortable when people see ur navel??