Navel Encounter In Chiffon Sari

I am a 41 years old attractive lady. Although I like to wear chiffon saris but do not have the courage to expose my delicious navel. I find my navel too sexy to expose. I have sexy abdomen and back and a fair complexioned lovely skin. A colleague of mine who is my admirer always try to look into my chiffon pallu to have a glimpse of my navel but is always disappointed because just when the show is about to begun, comes my sari. I am pretty sure that he has a great desire to see my navel.
One day I was not feeling well in office and took some medicines which had sedation. I wanted to take some rest. I found a secluded room and lied down on my back on a long office table. I covered my eyes with my arms and dozed off to sleep. After around one hour of sleep I felt some trembling hand feeling my abdomen. I found  he was same colleague who was feeling my abdomen taking me to be asleep. I was half asleep and could feel his touch but was too tired to react instantly. I realized that as my arms were stretched upwards my sari went about an inch lower and my sexy navel was totally nude!
Now I was fully awake and was about to get up to stop him when suddenly I felt his finger accidentally falling into my deep dark and oval shaped navel. I started enjoying his touch and behaved as if I was fast asleep. His finger was poking my navel. The more he was poking more deep it was becoming. Suddenly he took out his finger and my navel was left without anything. I could feel it contracting on its own and wanting to have at something in it. Suddenly I felt some wet thing touching the contours of my navel. He was actually licking my navel. His tongue was feeling the contours of my navel and it went inside my navel. my navel started opening and the tongue went inside. He was licking the juice oozing out of my navel and kissing it gently. The juice was so strong that I could actually smell it. His lick was having a cascading effect on my clitoris which got erect. Suddenly a strong wave came into my body and I was totally still and erect. I CAME AND HAD ANS ****** ! Seeing me moving he dissappeared and I had a wonderful experience to narrate.
Even now when I recall this incident I have a wet feeling inside my panties....  

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navel juice ????

hmm.. interesting.. some work places it would have been a 'human resources' issue... but since it was mutual i guess no one has to know... and what is a pallu?
in any case, it's a good story.

i am sahil rajpoot from islamabad . agr koie lady mujy dost bana cahti hy to Email me

aap apni sahelio ke saath chuchian chuswate hue apni naabhi ko chatwao tab dekna kitna maja aata hai kyonki maine ek baar apni maa ki chuchia chuste hue apni bhabhi ko uski naabhi chatate hue dekha tab meri maa masti mein aa kah rahi thi meri chuchian chuste jao aur bahu aur chat bada maja aa raha tab bhabhi ne naabhi chatate hue maa ka pet bajana shuru kar diya tab maa pagal se ho gai aur kehne lagi jor se pet baja mere neeche gudgudi ho rahi tab aurton uski chuchian chus chus kar aur bhabhi ne pet baja baja kar usko pagal kar diya yeh najara mujhe ab tak maja deta hai

i also want to lick it

i also want to lick it

my bhabi has a sexy and beautiful navel she often shows it before me i want to kiss and lick her navel how should i approach...

want experiance again?

*NABHI in HINDI<br />


Navel is very very hot and sexy this is my opinion

My navel is deep and dark. I want my husband to role play of another man and love to fantasise him while he is poking my navel. We are very understanding in bed and love to narrate him of my fantasies and the man of my dreams. That way I have a perfect ******.

I like big and deep navel because i want to play with oil and honey.

Nice darling i love to suck navel can u give me a chance......

I lpve to lick the navel of my colleague whom I admire but do not showher of my intentions. I often ********** fantasising of her navel. I want to lick her navel to her last depth.

That is an interesting and erotic experience.. would love to make u have another orgasam while I play with your navel., lick it and kiss all around it...

I am a woman in my forties. My navel is oval in shape with a cut mark at the centre. I feel that this kind of navel is the most sensual type of navel as it opens up when I am aroused. I wear chiffon sarees at least 6 inches below my navel. The cut mark is the point where I expect my man to place his finger. It is immediately sucked by my navel. I crave for a sensual touch on my navel.

Helly what is meant by chiffon saree then you will wore saree 6inches below navel the **** will please wore 3-4 inches under navel ok aunty please obey my words because i am youth.

my kind of man is one who is my master and commands me but the moment he gets a glimpse of my navel becomes my slave and sits on his knees and crawls to taste it. He cannot let even a single day without getting a glimpse of my navel. At night he always kisses me gud night by kissing my navel and sleeps with his finger in my navel.

I love to lick my Girl friend's navel. I ask her to wear only blouse and petticoat so that I can insert my finger in her navel whenever I wish to. She looks very sexy from behind while she is working in kitchen. She has rounded buttocks and a flat white stomach with a deep round navel. I hold her from her waist and slowly slide down my hand into her navel. This is sufficient to excite her.

I am a 40 years old mature woman with a mature, deep and dark navel. Although I am not courageous to wear sari below my navel but I do like to show my sexy possession to others. I always fantasize that my office colleagues are licking my navel gently and tasting my navel juice. I always want a MAN who has the courage to put his finger in my deep navel in public. One day I was enjoying my morning tea when an office friend on whom I have a crush came to me and sat by my side. We have tall tables and comparatively small chairs. While we were talking I suddenly felt his hand inside my pallu poking my abdomen. I could not resist as I did not want to create a scene but wanted him to be in his limits. I told him firmly to stop but he continued to search something on my abdomen. Suddenly I felt his hand moving inside my petticoat. Only two inches inside and he found the treasure; my navel. Once his finger went inside my navel I could not move. He was poking my navel in public.He could feel his finger getting wet and and my navel contracting to allow it to enter deep. “Please don’t do that” I told him but even he could not stop. Secretions began in my navel and his finger was all wet. He was rotating his finger slowly and slowly which was making way for his finger to enter even deeper. Suddenly some one came and he took out his hand abruptly. I could see him licking his finger and smiling mischievously.<br />
I scolded him like anything. But wanted him to do more of it. Now whenever I wear sari I deliberately go in front of him and try to find the same secluded table and wait for him to come.

Hi <br />
This is Pooja. Usually I do not wear sari below navel but one day on my colleague's birthday I wore my sari below navel and hid it with my pallu. We went on the outskirts of the city and while returning back it got dark. I was seated next to my colleague who was driving the car. We came across a lonely railway crossing which was closed for the train. I was tired and I dozed off to sleep. My colleague who is very caring told me to adjust the seat in a comfortable position to which I requested him to do it for me and dozed off. He bent down to lower my seat by adjusting the lever which was to my left side. While he was lowering the lever his lips touched my navel. A tingling sensation went throughout my body. Even he had not earlier seen my navel. Seeing my navel from such a close range was a boon for him. He gently kissed my navel. My heart beat became very fast. I felt some wet thing entering my navel. It was his tongue. He could smell my navel which is very erotic. My navel started opening and the tongue went inside. I was getting wet from down and my nipples started getting erect as if they will tear away my bra. He started sucking my navel hard and drank the navel juice. I think navel juice is one of the rarest juice available. He inserted his finger into my navel to measure its depth. Almost whole of finger went inside. He again started licking my navel. I was coming but he took out his tongue from my navel. I held his head tight to my navel and did not let him retreat. He started licking hard and I could feel the anxiety which was growing and growing. Suddenly I moaned and I came.<br />
This is a real sexiest experience of my life.

hey hi, nyc experience u hv, if u want more navel lickin ******, msg me at

Hi dears,<br />
This is Rathinam and Sumitha from madurai,tamilnadu. Age 39,38 now. We are love married at an very young age of 28,27. Its been 10 years now. We r really MADE FOR EACH OTHER. And to add that we have a very good n wonderfull sex life till now. For the first 5 years we had romantic,love n normal sex life. Then v start to add some spice to our sex life. First we started fantasizing some sceans. Then after some months we started fantasizing having sex with others. We started playing role play. She will act as her friends n relatives whome i like the most for me in bed. I will some times act as my friends n my relatives whome she likes the most for her. We really had some wonderful hot erotic nights to its limit. We really started to add some oral sex to it. Wow she really love to hear nasty dirty talk from me about her in bised. Then after 3 years of this kind of sex. We planed to take it to the next level. <br />
So now I want others to admire her beauty and comment about her navel which she always shows while she wears sari.

Hi Manjoo,<br />
I agree with you that navel is the most sensuous and flirtatious part of a woman's body. Hide it. But, I confess, I love to see navel of a woman in saree. It reflects her sexuality.<br />

Hi Manjoo,<br />
May be you don't know that a plump and short woman is the sexiest woman in her forties. Navel on the plump stomach is the most sensual part for a male to see. But I suggest, don't show your navel to everybody and reserve this sex button for a chosen few. Apply lipstick on your navel on a date. It will make you even more sexier. <br />
I wish I could see....<br />


I am a 40 years old attractive lady but short and a bit plump. I have a very sexy navel but do not expose because of my plump stomach. So I wear sari above my navel. One of my colleague gifted me a transparent skin colored chiffon sari and asked me to wear it on his birthday but with only one condition that I should wear it below my navel. <br />
I have never worn a sari like this and was worried. I wore the sari but above my navel and went with him on his birthday treat. The restaurant had cubicles which provided privacy. He told me that he has brought an oil which if applied on stomach daily I can have a beautiful skin. Before gifting it he wanted to apply it on my stomach. I allowed him. The moment I took off my pallu he could see my stomach but my navel was not visible. I could see his disappointment but he did not say anything since he respects me a lot. He started massaging my stomach and gently put his hands on the contours of my waist. I feel that this place is very sexy for any woman. He told me to lie down on the chair and lowered the back of adjustable chair. He was constantly massaging my waist and I lied down. As I lied down little did I notice that my sari dropped two inches and my navel was clearly visible. It came as a feast to his eyes.<br />
He was massaging gently my stomach when I felt his finger entering my navel.He put some oil in my navel. I was enjoying that moment and it was first time when somebody has touched my navel. It was getting deep and his finger was entering my navel. I could never imagine it could be so deep as almost half of his finger went inside. He kissed my navel and gently started licking it. He smooched my navel and I could hear his smooches. My navel was completely wet and I could feel some juicy substance coming out of it. He took out a lipstick which he had brought for me and inserted it in my navel. I felt as if it was entering my vagina which got completely wet. He asked me to offer a peanut from the bowl lying on the table. He inserted the peanut in my navel. I told him to take it out. He told me that he will do that without applying his hands. He started licking my navel and tried to take out the peanut with his tongue. I was enjoying the hardness of peanut in navel and softness of his lips. My clitoris became erect. I could feel that my navel was opening and contracting on its own as my vagina. <br />
At last he ate the peanut. An intense wave came in my whole body which stretched my whole body. I moaned and came. I had a real ******. <br />
I can never forget this experience and wish he could be with me every time.

Hi are really lucky to be loved the way you like...infact its something that you would not have known if he would not have done this with you....God bless you