I Hate The Person He Became

I have been married for 13 years and have two wonderful children  one 7 years and one 3months, if it weren't for them I would walk out of the house and leave him and his mother to it. You see there are three people in my marriage him me and his MOTHER. If I had of known that he was such as Mamma's boy I would have ran as fast as I could. When we first started dating he was sweet and brought me flowers and told me how much he loved me, then we got engaged, the week before we got married one of our friends came to me and said don't make the biggest mistake of your life, god I wish I listened to him now. Anyway getting back to my story after we got married he changed I work full time and still do all the house work, cook and take care of the children when I ask him to do something he gives me the I work all day and come home and now you want me to help cook dinner, he then storms out and goes you guessed it to his Mummies house. If the house work does not get done I'm a fat lazy so an so.  If on the rare occasion we go out for any functions at all he wont speak to me and then leaves me sitting by myself at the table, when the night is over he tells me that I'm such a drag to go out with and why do I bother going out, (I have so much fun when I go out with my girlfriends). I sometimes day dream that he walks out the door and never comes back, I even wish that he would leave him for another woman but no one would have him and he couldn't get it up now anyway. I'm starting to hate him so much. Thanks for letting me vent.

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I can understand the seven years old since that was far earlier in your relationship before the obvious disdain for him develop;oped to this extent. Hoever, the three month old child indicates that you have still subjected yourself to an even deeper commitment to this loser.<br />
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I fear that you have little latitude now to change your life for some time to come and will somehow have to accomodate..<br />
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The terrible thing about your plight is that he will not change. People seldom do and mama's boys are the absolute worst of the male species.<br />
I feel for you and can only hope that your can remain strong in this unwholesome environment.

I am very sorry to hear that. I narrowly escaped that path myself. My ex and I used to live together, and any time I would get upset about something, he would call his mother behind my back. Any time we fought, he would basically tattle on me to her. Next thing I know I was getting phone calls from her to "talk about it" because he couldn't handle it like a man! Uhh thanks...but that's why I have my OWN mom.

Make him feel special and he will do the same. I know its hard to do with little kids but you need to do this to keep the spark in your marriage alive. Send the kids over to your parent's house for the night. Before he gets home, change into a negligee with a pair of gartered nylons. I guarantee he will start to treat you right the second he walks in the door!